Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let's talk about Easter baskets

This week, I have a TON of work to do at work and then it's the Easter weekend.     

I emailed a pic of my basket-in-progress to Mandy who told me that a family member is going ALL OUT for Easter which made me wonder if it's just me who does basically nothing?

In years past I hauled out the same bunnies (I bought when the babies were babies and then they play with them for a few weeks before disappearing ;)) and added one or two things.

This year I bought them new bunnies (I couldn't resist the gorgeous corduroy stuffed animals with LONG ears from Mr Price Home) and they'll be getting 2 - 3 of Cadbury's mini Easter eggs.

The Easter Bunny also came to their school (K was THRILLED - she is a child easily delighted which I LOVE!) and they had an egg hunt. They each have a big bunny, some more of the mini eggs and about 4 marshmallow eggs each. So I'm hiding most of those eggs.

Kendra's basket
Connor's basket

Are you doing baskets for your kids?

PS this is what I do with the school stuff: I take pics and store it in an appropriately named "school stuff" folder (!) and then they go into the plastic tubs I bought. Once those plastic tubs are full, they have to toss all but their favourites. Is it bad that I can't WAIT for that day... and it's coming soon :)
PPS if you read my organising blog, I had to change from my original storage system after about 6 weeks.


  1. WE don't do those baskets either. The kids make them at school so there's no need for us to do it. Unless they want to of course! I will ask.

  2. Bwhahahaha! I can't wait for the drama when the ladies make it to school to discover that everyone else in the world is showered with gifts for every sudo-holiday that rolls by. There's more to life than the tangible!

  3. We keep things low-key. The girls will get a couple of small chocolates, a new book, and some kind of toy. (Two years ago, they got their tea set, split between their two baskets; last year they got a felt food set, again split between them.)

    This year I'm pulling books from ones I bought in bulk last spring, that I've been doling out very slowly :) and a "pie" set for their kitchen (I bought it two years ago and then decided the pieces were too small for them), again split between them.

    They are having an egg hunt at school, and I really don't like that the school asked for 12 STUFFED eggs! Ack!!! I bought non-candy stuff (stickers for one set and miniature slinkys for the other), but WHY is that necessary??? Our girls had a BLAST last year hunting EMPTY eggs!!!

    I feel myself ascending onto a soapbox, so I'll close shortly (HA!), but it actually makes me really sad to see the HUGE toy ads right now. I'm all for a special little something, but to make this a mini-Christmas is waaaay too much. :/

  4. P.S. The highlight of the ladies baskets: a plant and new water bottle for camp. I also bought essential fillers like new panties and toothbrushes!

  5. We don't do baskets outside what is done at school. I was actually thinking about this the other day - the US ladies go all out for Valentines and Easter and then probably 4 of July - I was kinda thinking are we missing out? It's like the create mini Christmas's all through the year :)

    I bought them a few things yesterday but David's mom said she has more than enough and if she says that then she probably emptied the shelves at PnP but I wanted them to have stuff on Sunday when they woke up.

    I just threw out a whole lot of school stuff recently. It takes up space and I am not sure I want to keep 15 years of pictures until the kids are ready to take them all. I found a whole bunch of my report cards and a workbook from when I was at school - Kiara loved it. So I am keeping the easy to store stuff - reports, awards that kind of thing

  6. We don't do an Easter basket like this...we do have a basket, but it's empty and used for collecting the eggs and toys that she finds during the hunt.

  7. I thought Easter Bunny was doing very well this year by actually remembering to buy Easter egss before they had sold out. (last year (s)he went into a mad panic and had to go to 3 differnet shops before finding any eggs......)

    1. LOL the shops here have way too many Easter eggs - I always find them for weeks after Easter :)

  8. I suspect it is a very American thing. I know no Saffer outside the blog community that even knows about it ( by that I mean giving them a basket with eggs, a toy or whatever in). We just do the SA thing and hunt a few eggs.And we make our own baskets

  9. An empty basket to collect eggs in...and I went overboard on the eggs. I love watching Jadakins explore for eggs and the excitement. The school had an easter eggs hunt and Jadakins was besotted with the easter bunny. I have had to paint whiskers on her practically every day....love it

  10. It cool baskets those.
    We don't do Easter like others. We aren't big on celebrating anything really commercially, only in a religious way. So Easter aren't about the eggs or anything fun. We open the Bible, read why this day is celebrated and that's it.

  11. I'm in the US, and we don't make a big deal of Easter baskets either. My son (6) is doing an egg hunt at school, so we probably won't do one at home unless he asks us to hide his eggs from school. We don't do anything special for Valentine's Day or July 4 (except maybe grill something if it isn't too hot), and even for Christmas we keep gifts to a minimum. We don't want to create an expectation that special occasions are about gifts; we focus on what they mean and do special things to celebrate (Easter, for example), but gift free-for-alls are not part of the deal.

  12. We haven't really done Easter baskets for the girls. They do HAVE Easter baskets, of course, but like someone said above, we use them for hunting and gathering eggs.

    I think we don't do Easter baskets largely because it's usually so close to A & M's birthday, and also because my mom didn't do Easter gifts for us, either. I think I asked her one year if the Easter bunny could come to our house and we started getting a bit of candy or something, but it was never a big deal.

    Easter is about church and egg hunts around here, and I rather like it that way. : )

  13. we do them...but generally they just have silly things that we would have purchased anyway. and we actually have easter BUCKETS! :) this year they're getting: gardening gloves, trainer chopsticks, bubbles, and big kid swings to add to the swing set in our back yard!!

    we have a bit of a disagreement about easter baskets at my house. i want them to be not a big deal with a few little gifts. b wants them to be exciting and have the kids look forward to them.

  14. I have been wanting to do an Easter egg hunt with my little ones for years...but they are usually away over the Easter weekend.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  15. I made up little ones for my kids- cheap baskets with some candies in plastic eggs, toothbrushes, little $1 items... like cars and a coloring book for the twins, new socks for the girls...
    The big guys got more candy, and Aaron got candy in Logan's basket LOL
    Last year my mom set up a big hunt for them, with clues to lead to their baskets. They thought that was a blast.


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