Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My money weirdnesses

I've mentioned before that I'm quite passionate about money.

Not in the way you're thinking - that I love money - I love to talk about money issues and personal finance and the things people do that are... not so clever... and so on.


I'm thinking about starting a series on the blog about personal finance - no advice, just some things that strike my fancy and maybe answer a few questions.

What do you think?

By the way, if you're perhaps battling financially and this post annoys you, let me tell you D and I also went through some really hard times financially when we were first married and then of course for the years we were saving for the IVFs. Maybe that's why I'm so serious about saving because I never want to be in the shops again and not even have enough money to buy a little chocolate.

my strengths finder report

Anyway, so to kick it off, let me tell you about some of my money weirdnesses:

1. I like my monies separate. My normal money in one account and my savings in another. Actually, to be honest, I even like my savings separate. There's normal savings (this is the account I use to pay the personal trainer) and other, big picture savings.

I'm with the turquoise bank and I'm allowed one savings pocket. Well, I tried to survive with that one savings account for nearly a year and then I cracked and phoned them up to say I need more savings accounts.

Now I'm happy with all my money separate :)

I told you, weird!

2. Then I don't like old money mixed with new money.

Old money is the old salary payment and new money is the one that's about to hit my account (theoretically, at this point, since I get paid on the 20th).

So once the weekend is past (I traditionally spend most money on the weekends unless I'm going out with a friend during the week) and pay day is near, I like to transfer the last bits of old money into my savings account (one of them :)) so my account is nice and empty to receive the new money.

Laugh if you will - it works for me.

3. This one is not that weird, at least I don't think so, but I don't spend any of the new money til I've tithed.

Sometimes, if I've forgotten that payday's been and I only realise in church, I'll pay my tithe from the app on my phone so I can then start spending.

I like God to have His bit first and "consecrate" the rest so that it's SUPER blessed.

Good times :)

4. Last but not least, I'm kind-of addicted to the personal finance blogs which is why I currently only subscribe to one.

With other blogs, I can just read the posts but with these ones, I want to know what each person does in that situation in case there's some really cool tips so I've found myself reading all 50-odd comments on a post.... see? not good.

Hence the mass unsubscribe that happens regularly when I've snuck some blogs in :)

5. I have 3 books on my shelf that I've been postponing reading because I know once they're done I won't have any left. Personal finance, of course.

Nice girls don't get rich
The total money makeover
The automatic millionaire

I do need to get over that and just enjoy them :)

Anybody read any of them?

Okay, over to you.

What are your money weirdnesses? 
PS the bakers' twine has nothing to do with the subject. I just had some nice pics (I think) and wanted to share :) Do you like my tassel? 


  1. I HATE dealing with money. HATE it. Necessary evil, though very stressful for me.

  2. I love dealing with money...hell that is how I make my living. Because Brad and I have been through a rough financial time with him starting his own business, I tend to be very selfish on how I spend the money (and by that , I mean on me). I will buy anything for Jada and Brad, but battle to spend money on myself, like having my haircut or having my nails done. I would read your finance blog...think it is a great idea

  3. I have never really thought about how I deal with my money before, or if I have any "money weirdness" but since you put it on paper I realise I do so many of the same things. I also tend to "clear" my account before my new money comes into it. I also have seperate savings accounts for different things and I love reading finance stuff. I then wont spend any until my debit orders come off.

    I also find that the more I save the more I want to save and I get a bit obsessive. I like to watch it grow....... and then freak if I have to spend it. I have also battled financial a few years and worked to a very strict budget, I was overseas at the time, earning minimum wage. I even budgeted down to 2 stamps for letters home a week. I now am very grateful for the money I do have and appreciate that fact that I can buy that chocolate or book (especially the book) when I want to.

  4. Your old and new money weirdness made me laugh. I save for holidays etc. in my credit card because I get best interest there. All other money gets stored in my bond, I have a spreadsheet detailing how much savings is in there , but I hardly ever and hope I never have to take it out. which blogs do you recommend for personal finance?

  5. I also save seperately and transfer the old months "leftovers" the moment I get paid.

    But I hate dealing with money.

  6. Ok, am I the only one who doesn't have old money left by the time payday comes around?? lol!

  7. I would love the read the series of Financial advice posts of yours. Would be interesting just like this one have been.
    Me and hubby don't really have money weirdness. I can say that we do have a separate savings account and after everything have been paid, the rest is transferred to that account. That need to stay there without touching it for a month or when it's REALLY necessary.

  8. Most of these don't seem strange to me at all. I get the money separate thing, and not mixing old with new money (my old money is mostly missing though).

    My main money quirk is my spending plan spreadsheet though. I'm kind of pedantic about it. There is no willy-nilly spending as the spirit moves me space in my budget...I work out, to the cent what needs to where and when and when payday rolls round I sit in one go and do all the transfers.

    This past month I couldn't do my grocery shopping the way I usually do it (in one foul swoop) because my screen was busted and I couldn't get to my shopping list app. I was wandering aimlessly round the isles of Checkers trying to remember what made it to the list and ended up only buying the items I knew for sure. It's kind of wierd doing it that way and going shopping more than once a month, but I actually have money left over and usually I'm tapped out already by this time of the month. It's off kilter, but not altogether unpleasant.

  9. I literally laughed out loud at the leftover money!!!

    I would be interested to know how you and D deal with joint expenses like the house etc - is that too personal? David and I chat about this often when we discover how other couples work - the guy in one couple sends the wife an email saying your portion of xyz is abc and then she transfers to him to pay! Odd (??)

    We do have 2 seperate savings accounts though - its all looking a little thin now with the wedding but will start building again afterwards!

    Maybe our weirdness is that I do the budget?

  10. Nope. No weird habits around these parts. OK. maybe our weirdness is that we never agree about it? It causes many a disagreement between us. I don’t particularly like or enjoy money and I rarely talk about it. It’s a huge source of unhappiness in my life and happens to cause me a lot of anxiety. I don’t subscribe to money blogs either. That would just make me feel way more inadequate.
    I don't think your habits are weird though - I get them all. Must say I wish I had leftover money to mix with new money!

  11. Do it, do it, do it! I would be all over it. I love personal finance. I love my "system" and thankfully it's been successful thus far. I would love to hear more about how you and D work money together. I completely fail here, I do it all and he gets an allowance. How degrading!! Even more so if I stop working!

  12. NERD at play again ;) ;)

    Don't know if I have any money weirdness, the one thing I know is that I don't like to not have money, it makes me anxious and I loose sleep over it. I have been there and don't want to ever be there again, my sleep is too precious. I hardly read finance books they make me nervous. The tassel is pretty

  13. We live paycheck to paycheck. No savings. If we have it, we spend it. We're really bad with budgeting.


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