Sunday, March 03, 2013

My poor little K

It seems the infection is not going and this morning K visited the emergency room.

Hang on, let me go back a bit.

So this all started last Sunday night around supper.

I took K to the GP on Monday and we started her on an anti-biotic and Bactroban (?).

I like things to happen quickly, even health, so I expected her to be better in two days tops. How long are these things supposed to last?

By the way, I've never had a bladder or similar infection so I have NO idea what it's like. The GP told me I'm "lucky".

I texted the GP again on Thursday to check if things were supposed to take this long (K hasn't been in school the whole week - we didn't want her to have to go pee every 2 minutes and wet herself with all the psycological damage that would have entailed - she's a sensitive little soul) and she said it's okay as long as K's not worse.

Well, she wasn't worse.


The anti-biotics were done on Friday at supper and last night she was practically perfect, back to her normal tricks.

We even discussed the theme of the week, etc, assuming she's going back to school tomorrow.


This morning she was SCREAMING "my pee is sore" every 10 seconds. It was terrible. For all of us.

Connor gets so upset when his sister cries like that and then we have to ignore him to attend to her.

I said to him at one point, "it's hard being a twin, hey?" and he said, "yes". Poor sausage!

Louisa, do you recognise this staircase?
At 10 D and K set off for the ER because I couldn't take it anymore. D thought we were all going to go but I said no way am I exposing my healthy child to germs and also he is stressed. He needs some normalcy in his life so he and I went to church as usual.

Connor says to me, "we're going to go and I'm going to throw in my coins (offering) and then we're coming straight home". "Uh, no, Baby, we're going to stay, but great that you're planning your offering" (I'm also trying to get them to think about being BIG givers because I had years of having to recondition my brain that God is a God of abundance and it's good for me to give BIG gifts)

When we got back, the house was quiet - D and K both sleeping - and after I fed Connor lunch, he asked me to go have a nap - not him at all - I think he was emotionally wrung out because he was a lot quieter than he normally is.

D told me he woke Connor after 2 hours 15 (3 sleep cycles) because by then, I'd fallen asleep too (I'm also emotionally stressed), also for over 2 hours.

So K's on another anti-biotic and Nurofen.

All prayers welcome because I'm not good with sick people! Also, I keep having flashbacks to 2011 when after the second course of antibiotics, she was hospitalised...

The school charges R100 per day if Connor stays from 12:30 til I can go get him. On one hand, my time is worth more than R100 an hour to fetch him and take him home BUT since his sister is not there, I feel kind of done out. Does that make sense? Full day for the month costs only R500 extra which at this rate, we'll get to on Wed.

I really just want my little girl who likes to make me laugh back!

Tonight she told me I made silly salad because I put some peas in :) Don't you know peas don't belong in a salad? :)


But how was your Sunday?

PS my weekend was still quite productive.
PPS I haven't had a post with 100 page views since 22 Feb. EEEK - go get a nice cup of tea and click through to catch up :)
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  1. Poor baby! Praying for a speedy recovery for your worn out little girl!

  2. Poor thing! Prayers for K (and all of you!). I hope she feels better very soon!

  3. Oh Marcia, its tough. Our GP always says 48 ours max and the anti biotics should be working well. So guess what, H and L was at the doctor this morning too - we had a morning with hysterical crying and I cant pee, and then a huge spillage as he could not hold any more. And guess what, me and the other two went to church too. Wish though we had your sleep day - he was literally awake from 4:15 to 7:15!

  4. UTI's are the worst. but what helps tremendously is Cranberry Juice. Go and get some, NOW. Let her drink it all the time. It clears out the system somehow and eases the pain too - don't ask me how, just do it. Plus she'll need a probiotic too, after being on 2 courses of antibios. They should work within 24 hrs, so the one the doc prescribed obviously wasn't strong enough.

    UTI's are very very very eina. cannot begin to tell you.

    will pray that she's on the mend asap.


  5. IT is awful that she is having problems like this. Praying for her healing and for you too.

  6. EINA! Hannah had a sore pee last night and I was silently freaking out because I'm cool with snotty noses and tight chests but I'm not so sure about sore female bits - I DONT KNOW WHY! It's silly I know! She hasn't complained again thought. Ag, I hope she gets better quick. I agree with Shayne on the Cranberry juice, it does help. Prayers and hugs xx
    ps: can't you come and take gorgeous pics of my kids like these of Kendra? Too lovely!

  7. Shame man - Kiara has had a few and I have had 2 - the first one I actually thought I was going to die - I was very sick! My mom has them often and neither, her or I actually ever have pain but Kiara does :(

    I would get some cranberry juice - the pharmacist said Kiara could take citro soda - so I always have some in the house - not sure if your K is too small still?

    Have you changed your washing soap or soap you bath them with? Might be something to consider if it isn't clearing up?

  8. Ai poor Kendra :( I get that a lot and the only thing that helps me is Natura's bladder infection drops. I don't know if Kendra is still too small for that, but if she can drink that diluted it will help her tremendously. I also drink a litre of cranberry juice a week to try keep it away, but the Natura drops works immediately. It is very sore and uncomfortable, "think hot boiling water burning hot" every time you try to wee. Very very sore. Big hugs to all of you xx

  9. Poor baby. Praying that she gets better. Also try natural plain yoghurt.

  10. I know exactly what your daughter is going through and yes, you are extremely lucky for not getting these type of infections ever. I can imagine the pain she went through. Poor little girl :( Feel so sad for her.

  11. I'm so sorry, Marcia. I know how heartbreaking it is to have a sick baby...and you've had this weighing on you all for far too long. I hope the new meds do the trick. Sending some prayers your way...

  12. Lesley5:29 pm

    You are in my prayers my dear! Hoping all back to normal soon. xx

  13. Oh baby! Poor little thing. I am prone to UTI's and get them A LOT. They are HORRIBLE. As soon as I feel it coming I take Citro Soda and I up my water intake and also a nurofen or 2. IF I ever buy juice, it's only cranberry. Is she on a probiotic?
    Hope she'll be back to her normal self. Chop-chop. x

  14. I do recognise it! :-)

    I really hope she gets better soon Marcia, we'll keep her in our prayers of course.

  15. So sorry to hear about K. Do you put bubble bath in their bath, that could also irritate it as well as the soap? And yes probiotics are a must with antibiotics!

    I also have sick child, Seth has tonsilitis and fluid in his ears. So I had to take the day off work. My mom has bronchitis and my dad is away playing tennis!

  16. Poor little! And poor Mum and Dad! She's such a beauty!

  17. POOR K! I would wither. I can be a mean, heartless mama but true pain like that I couldn't handle. But yes, get her to love cranberry juice! It will help tremendously! Hope all is well now, and that Connor is none worse for the wear.

  18. Poor baby!!!! Glad she is fine now. Must have been a harrowing experience for her. These pictures are gorgeous. The second to the last pic looks like she was in pain in the picture :)

    Sunday was ok, did a 8km walk in the morning and took my Caesar walking for another 5km or so in the evening and did my cooking for the week.

  19. Poor baby! I hate when littles aren't feeling themselves. And I LOVE peas in my salad!


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