Sunday, March 17, 2013

One of my favourite cities, Dublin

I was going to post about our sports day but since it's St. Patrick's Day, this is the perfect excuse to post pics of Ireland, right?

Confession - I didn't even realise it was St Paddy's (that's the only con of me no longer reading the crafting/ DIY/ Pinteresty blogs) til I read Mandy's blog. Good job, Mandy (as my kids say).

Ireland was always one of those places on my must-see list and it absolutely did not disappoint. So much so we went back twice :)

I still need to go to Galway, Belfast and the Ring of Kerry. 

Have you been to Ireland?

Which countries are on your must-see list?

Lesley, looking at the poor quality of these pics, I'm thinking we need to make a trip out pronto to take some decent pics!

These are all from our 2008 trip, just of Dublin and Malahide. (I have many more folders of our trip down the coast, Cork, Kinsale, Limerick, Wicklow, etc)

the bus we used to take into and out of the city landed right in front of this beautiful blue building :)

the pronunciation still tickles me :)

the famous Eason's clock - in the Irish chick lit this is often a Dublin landmark

an absolutely freezing Marcia at St Stephen's Green


the River Liffey
and these are all from our 2009 trip

see the blue building on the other side of the road? that's the one in the first pic

23 weeks pregant with the twins

one of my favourite pics - just connecting with a friend

old friends - how I wish our kids could grow up together. We have 6 between us - C on right and J who's having tea and scones with me have a little one too, and S & P in the middle also have a set of twins.
Your favourites? 

Mine? The blue building and the River Liffey :)


  1. Lesley12:53 am

    Yes, i see what you mean about the photos - think you need to come back A.S.A.P to take some more :)
    Seriously though, they are lovely pic's, like the one of you and D and the Bossy Boots one. Do you know West cork is very near the Ring of Kerry, we would offer you a Céad míle fáilte (hundred thousand welcomes) anytime. x

  2. Those are all so gorgeous! I love the blue building, and so many of the building / street shots, too. Love your "Bossy Boots" pic! ;)

    Love Lesley's "hundred thousand welcomes"!!! That's in the St. Patty's Day book we have...just read it as a bedtime story, one more time this year. :)

  3. So when are we meeting up in Ireland??

    1. Name the date and I'll be there (it may be without kids but I'll be there :))

  4. Very pretty...I laughed at the Bossy Boots one. ;-)

  5. Never been to Ireland and to be honest I have no desire to visit any country outside of Africa - boring I know!

    The hippie in me wants to tour Africa though - take the kids and a land rover and drive through it all.

    I have been to France and hated it. I did not enjoy the experience at all.

  6. Oh and I wanted to say you are a better pregnant person than me - I hibernate and getting out of bed is a mission. I really don't cope well so a trip over seas makes me twitch a little :))

  7. I love the photos and they sure have some great looking buildings there in Ireland.

  8. I actually like all these pics. Ireland has never been on my "must-see" list but you make it sound like a place that I MUST go to. Mmmm....must see cities for me? I would say New York, Miami, Amsterdam, Budapest. And Rio.

  9. Oh I would love to go to Dublin

  10. Beautiful travel photos...makes my feet all itchy to go travelling.


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