Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo walk through the neighbourhood

I took a walk through the neighbourhood with Connor in May last year with those nice, crunchy brown leaves :) This looks like it's still winter but was actually in October!

teehee :)


one of my favourites - isn't the light gorgeous?
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So, which is your favourite?


  1. Ooh these are fantastic but I have a clear winner - the little COnnor hand with the flowers in D's hand

  2. I like all the handholding ones.

  3. I like Kendra's expression in the one where they are both holding D's hand (his top is chopped off)

  4. Great photos Marcia. I like the very last one.

  5. Great photos...I want to do this too :-)

    I love the one of Connor with his hand full of flowers holding your DH's hand. The sky is always beautiful in autumn and the pinky hues.

  6. Love the expression on K's face in the walking one - too blimming cute! HARD work this photo walking thing... hehe.

    I really like the cover photo but my fav is the one of K holding the beat up flowers/weed?


  7. STUNNING PICTURES M!!! Very lovely.I love the ones where it looks like the kids are running free and K suddenly stopping as if to check that they have not been abandoned :)

    Marcia Francois Photography - NICE

  8. these are so fun. :) maybe once the weather is better (here) i will do something like this !! :) right now the kids would have on snow pants and gloves and you may miss all of the little details like fingernails and knuckles!!!

    the landscape is my fave. that light is amazing!

  9. Love the last 2 sequences :)


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