Saturday, March 30, 2013

{Project Life} Feb pages and how this is working for me so far

Here are the January pages if you missed that post.

I did a month in review for 2011 and 2012 and I realised early this month that I'm really missing seeing the whole month at a glance instead of a random pic.

Now that I write that, it seems a bit mad but it makes perfect sense to me...


Anyway, so I wondered how I could still have my month in review without doing a whole separate mini book.

I could use one of the 10 X 15 slots but then I'd lose a photo.

So instead I decided to use a 10 X 15 journal card, write down my monthly highlights as I used to do and "hide" it behind the first pic of the month.

Now nobody (except a few hundred of my new best friends) knows it's there, I still have my old-style lists and the album still looks balanced :)

Other than that, Project Life is going well.

I love that it literally takes me 5 minutes to put all the pics and little cards in place and another 5 minutes to write a few things here and there.

As I'm "editing" I star any pics I really love so at the end of the month, I just "view starred photos" and then choose the 6 - 8 I want for the month.

Copy them to a flash drive, plug that into my photo printer, and set to print all.

The printer is quite slow for someone like me so I leave it printing and go make some tea, take a loo break, tidy the study, etc.

Still, is a really easy process.

So much so I've stopped reading so many Project Life blogs - I've found what works for me and I have no PL comparison envy whatsoever.


And yes, I realised that I forgot to take pics before I did the journalling. Right now I realised I could have put blank cards over and quickly taken pics but I'm a bit slow in the head, it's been a long, really hard week :)

Never fear... I'll do it properly next time.

Are you recording memories this year in a physical format?

How are you doing? Are you keeping up?
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  1. Beautiful- love that last page especially. So you are doing 4 pages per month? Love it. I am still keeping up but forgot to photograph the last two weeks and show them. Finding the two pages per week really works for me.

  2. I need to start making collage pictures, I feel like I'm missing too much!

  3. Your PL is beautiful Marcia...I love seeing the snippets of your life.

  4. Your PL is beautiful! I so wish I had the attention span for this.

  5. You know I love everything about your books, Marcia! :)

    I read this when you posted it (yesterday?) and I could not manage to type this...I went to order my Q3 book, and all the pictures have disappeared!!! I will call them tomorrow...hoping there's a back-up copy saved somewhere, but I am SICK! :/ To be continued...

  6. So awesome! Is that an official PL folder?

    I am slowly catching up on my scrapbooking :) I am being more purposeful about printing pictures for specific pages - that way it gets done!


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