Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seven Sunday Snippets ;)

1. I've just made Kendra a ring and she is over-the-moon delighted with it. Old beads (I'm still decluttering) plus some wire I bought at our plastics shop (similar to Westpack) = 3-year-old happiness.

That was my attempt to bring some happy back. I haven't had the best day in the world. I was already screaming this morning...

2. Thought it would be fine once I got to church but there I heard that one of our pastors' wives died last night. These things are always kind-of glossed over as in "she's with Jesus now" and yes, she is, but I heard NOTHING of the message after that. Nothing.This woman was 36 with two little kids. I don't know what happened but I keep thinking about him and the kids.

Which reminds me - don't wait to do anything. Just do it - we all don't know how much time we have left.

3. I had some fantastic news yesterday though... and I think Connor is kind-of perceptive because he very randomly asked me about this person yesterday morning and then I got a phone call from her about an hour later!

4. My kids flat-out refused my soup yesterday which is very strange - they love soup - so they went to bed hungry (or maybe not since it was after the party).

Today I asked them, "what was wrong with the soup? Why didn't you want it?" Kendra says, "it was too yellow. We only like brown soup" which means the ratio of butternut was too high???

I dumped all the little soup portions into a big pot, added some Worcestershire sauce and a can of tomato and it was brown enough. They both gobbled up a big bowl tonight. Success.

5. I'm in a weird place at the moment in that I feel totally caught up with life. Isn't that weird? Usually I can list about 20 things I want to do on the weekends and at the start of this weekend, i battled to think of things beyond the usual errands...

That's good (I lay reading for a couple of hours this afternoon) but it also makes me feel like there's some Big Thing I've forgotten to do. I'm even caught up with photos. About an hour or two on the zoo pics and I'll be totally caught up!

6. I'm noticing a lot of usage of the word "ain't" on the blogs. Now call me a language prude but I cringe a little every time I read it :) What's the deal with "ain't" for the South Africans? Is this part of some twitter speak or some other pop culture I'm not aware of??? :) (I mean no disrespect if you use that word!)

7. OH, I have a soup recipe for you. This is recipe 11 in the 25 recipes in 2013 project.

It's a Weigh-Less one.

The portion size is 80 g sweet potato (1 complex carb), 200 g butternut (2 veg), 45g low fat feta cheese (1.5 proteins)  and whatever soup spices you like.

I put garlic and coriander in everything so that's what I added and I also made enough for about 7 portions (just because that's how the butternut quantities worked out).

I didn't add the cheese to the soup; only just before serving because I want to be sure I get the right amount of protein.

Delicious! I also add some chilli flakes as a garnish - yum!

I have it just like that and D has some bread with his.

How was your Sunday? Better than mine, I hope?

Any new recipes for me? I'm looking for easy chicken recipes and remember I only buy chicken breasts - deboned, no skin, etc :)

PS playing with pics for Superhero Photo


  1. I'm so sorry about the pastor's wife. She was just too young! May her soul rest in perfect peace and may the good Lord comfort her family and friends xxx

    Interesting how little things make kids happy and unhappy. The ring and the not brown enough soup

    Well I wish my Sunday was better than yours, my FIL had a stroke yesterday so spent the whole of Sunday at the hospital and add the usual family drama during periods like this. Let's just say I am SUPER DRAINED

  2. Wow...that is so terrible to hear about your pastor's wife. I would have been very thrown at that news, too.

    I'm sorry you haven't had a great day, but I'm laughing at your soup story! ;) And I can *feel* the feeling you're describing about feeling "put"'s a good one, but kinda eery, too! ;)

    I haven't seen any usage of "ain't"...but it gives me the willies, too.

  3. I am also looking for chicken recipes like that - we also only buy that kind of chicken.

    We had a good Sunday - I decluttered the landing strip by the front door, cleaned the house, did the washing (and folded it) and then scrapped all day - David made a potjie and had a friend round - so they chatted while I scrapped and the kids pottered around.

    Oh I did manage to burn a hole through the kids bathroom basin pipe! D was livid but I wasn't - I have been asking for that drain to be sorted for MONTHS. I am not "allowed" to do it but he won't. So now we have no choice! I will be calling a plumber!

    My kids won't eat soup with lentils in - don't put them in and they wolf down a hundred bowls - same soup?!

  4. Hahaha! so funny that they wouldn't eat the soup because it was too yellow! Way to go macGuyver in fixing that. ;-)

    I also feel like I'm missing something lately - mostly I feel like I really should just stay in bed for the day too. I've had to change my alarm tone on my phone for the mornings because I kept sleeping through the one I had.

    I'm attributing this to the change of seasons. Obviously my body wants to hiobernate?

  5. I know what you mean. When someone hears something as heart breaking as death, I too would also just think about that instead of listening to anything said to me. 36 is such a young age.
    So funny with regards to the soup and it's color. Well done for thinking about making it more brown and then they ate it :)

  6. Haha Marcia! Everyone is using "ain't" due to that silly song that's being airing "ain't nobody got time for that" Not a word I generally use but sometimes I do like how it sounds on my tongue.. ain't that crazy? lol!

    Hannah is quite particular about colour and texture in food.. Liam would happily eat horse, donkey and whatever else without batting an eye. I made mielie meal on Saturday morning after numerous requests from the kids (they had been off school all week and I guess they missed it?) and Hannah flat out refused to eat it because it wasn't like Prieska's "mee-mee" (the school cook).. now you tell me, how do you get meilie meal wrong? Apparently Prieska's one is "more white" and "got more lumps" according to Liam :/

    Always sad to hear about people passing away. Especially young people, ESPECIALLY moms with young kids :(

  7. I don't use ain't :-D

    So sorry to hear about the pastors wife...and I was reminded about how fragile life is when an old schoolfriend passed away from cancer a bit more than a week ago. So sad. We should really embrace life and enjoy it as much as possible.

  8. I am so sorry about your terrible news - I would just keep thinking about th efamily all the time. Wow, 36! We only live once - we need to really LIVE!

    And I ain't using ain't - really a sort of too slanggy (is that evena word) word for me. We ain't talking like rednecks are we?

  9. Oh no. I am so sorry about the Pastor's wife. That is just horrible. Sjoe. Those poor kids.

    Haha. Just like you love that Sam Hill expression, I LOVE the "ain’t" expression. It’s got Mississippi and New Orleans written all over it. From what I know, you are correct in saying that it’s not a proper English word. As far as I know it's a colloquialism - and a contraction for "am not".

    IT's mostly used in informal speech to place a bit of emphasis eg. ain’t no use crying over spilt milk or ain’t that a crying shame or whatever. I love how it rolls off my tongue and I have no plans to ever stop using it! It's probably the only slang word that I use.

    There are a number of church songs that contain that word too – mostly the negro spiritual stuff. It is used in many, many song lyrics as well. Joshua had to do an oral where he illustrated formal and informal speech the other day. So we worked out a kind of dialogue for him and the partner. And guess what? The word "ain't" featured very strongly in the informal speech bit. He and partner got 87 % for that oral btw....

    My Sunday was lovely as long as I was out of my house. I went knitting with my friend. It was divine.

  10. Lesley9:08 pm

    So sad about the pastors wife. I also hate when death is glossed over in a very breezy way. We once had a man drop dead on the porch of the church i was going to, and do you know what, after a cup of tea, the service went on as usual, as if nothing had happened.
    We had our own tragedy at church yesterday, a son of a couple in the church took his own life. It was very sad, but it was handled with great respect and love.

    As for 'ain't' I dont think i say it, but it may sneak in from time to time. The word would be very prevalent where i come from (about 18 miles outside London) where most people, including myself, sound like we've just stepped off the set of 'Eastenders'. 'Do you know what i mean?' Now that's something i say a lot!! LOL

  11. Mmm chicken. I only buy boneless skinless chicken breasts too. Did you ever get a crock pot?

    These are our staples.

    In the crock pot- chicken breasts, BBQ sauce. Server on hamburger rolls with corn on the cob, cole slaw.

  12. Oohhh, so sorry about your pastor's wife. I am so nosey, it would just make me that much more curious if it wasn't talked about!

    I had to laugh at the 'ain't''s a common phrase around here, although I try not to let myself say it. And never, ever, ever in writing! : )


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