Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Some Feb highlights and March goals

My February was quite awesome. Actually if I weren't comparing it to beach holiday January, I would have described it as fabulous.

88% of my goals accomplished (even though I was ambitious) and I have at least stepped closer to the job I want.

Matter of fact, tomorrow I go for full-day screenings (psychometric and management competencies.....) so prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Some February highlights:

  1. Read 7 books
  2. Tried 5 new recipes
  3. 4 photowalks
  4. Tried cell group for first time in 3.5 years (last time in cell when I was 29 weeks pregnant - I still remember what I was wearing: black long-sleeved top, black maternity skirt, red jacket dress thing) - not great. They were having a social evening and very surprising to some of you, I don't do socials with cell. I want PURE God :) Now I have to go back to give it a fair shot...
  5. Had my hair Brazilianised 
  6. 4 socials
  7. lots of good work on my business
What was the best thing about Feb? For me? A sunset photoshoot which I still need to blog about :)

And... my most popular post for Feb is this one. There are loads competing for least popular at the moment but the one that is most surprising to me is this one.

Since it's nearly the 6th (5 months til my birthday - eek), I've done 18 of my 38 things list and, as at 28 Feb, read 41 of the 60 books on my list

Now, some of my goals for March (I'm only showing some; I won't bore you with reading through all 38)

God/ ministry
·         Investigate another cell group
·         Sponsor another World Vision child with tax rebate money

Family/ D                                                                         
·         Pretoria Zoo
·         Make Easter cards with the kids
·         Get Kendra healthy!
·         2 dates with D
·         Seinfeld DVD-watching night
·         Post to K & C blog 10 times

·         School post – private schools
·         New York post - perceptions
·         Job post- snr manager material
- what else do I need to give you updates on? I want to do one update post :)

·         Superhero Photo with the Mandys
·         Read 5 books, including 2 non-fiction off my physical shelf and a James Patterson
·         Pay for a handwriting font
·         Try 4 new recipes
·         5 random acts of kindness

Health, fitness and appearance
·         Go to at least 10 out of 13 available work-out sessions
·         Clean up food environment
·         Colour hair and get trimmed

Have awesome interviews and get the job!

Please tell me your top 3 - 5 goals for March.


  1. Lesley8:56 pm

    Top goals are
    1. Have a games night with friends.
    2. Finish preparing garden for planting and plant/sow plants and veg : )
    3. make a crochet flower (was shown today but have not mastered it yet).

    I completed 9 out of 15 goals on my Feb list, but 2 of those were due to lack of funds so dont feel too bad : )

  2. I would love one of those general catch up posts.

    1. Get H's 40th out of the way with him happy
    2. Get the guests visit doen and over and amicable. Sigh! Stressing.
    3. Declutter at least 3 areas/things

  3. uhm....
    1) make it back home in one piece, relatively unscathed
    2) get back into swimming and biking, complete indoor tri
    3) (finally) pick dress to wear to my sister's wedding at the end of the month


  4. uhm....
    1) make it back home in one piece, relatively unscathed
    2) get back into swimming and biking, complete indoor tri
    3) (finally) pick dress to wear to my sister's wedding at the end of the month


  5. Yes, if the job is yours you will get it by God's grace.

    Best thing for Feb for me - had a nice heart to heart midnight chat with a friend and another 3 hour chat with another friend I hadn't spoken to in almost 11 years (my phone bill wasn't good, but it was totally worth it). BAD - not even finishing one book :(

    Top goals for March:

    Do 4 races/walks (I am half way there, done 2 already, YAY me)
    Sort out picture for canvas print and organize pictures
    Catch up with at least 4 friends - 2 down, another 2 to go
    Do 4 random acts of kindness


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