Saturday, March 09, 2013

This month's photo challenge - movement :)

Before we start, I want to wish my wonderful, amazing, generous, funny, very clever with power tools and sewing machines friend, Mandy, a happy birthday.

You are AMAZING!

Have a wonderful birthday - eat lots of cake and drink lots of milk :)


Here we go...

I'm super excited to see what you post this month.

I've been really, really good (for me). I stayed current and these are actually all pics taken yesterday. Let's not talk about the other 300 pics still unsorted, okay?

Our rules, such as they are:
  1. only 5 pics
  2. link back to this post
  3. the theme is movement - yours
  4. write a sentence or two about your experience - was it uncomfortable moving so much? Did you enjoy it?
I never feel like moving... but once I get a nice pic and I'm "oooh, yessss!" I'm so motivated to continue. I also try to always remember to stay curious - what will happen if I crouch and take the pic, or if I stand on a chair, or look up?
this little perch would hit me probably just above the waist so I crouched to get this photo. I love the way I've caught him with his one leg in the air :)

I had to stretch so far back to get this pic

with this one I'm sitting on the floor

lying down on my bed - I so love this view. I desperately want to have that tree cut but D is silly about privacy!

standing on the little wall in my driveway, leaning to the left to look through our letterbox and spy on the neighbours :)
Which is your favourite?

Link your post up here - please only link your blog once you've posted. Otherwise I'm going to have to delete your link so readers don't get frustrated trying to find your post.

PS all pics taken with my new lens! 50 mm 1.8 (whatever that means) I only get the 1.8 part.


  1. I love the one with the cars...and the last one peeking over the fence at the neighbours :-)

    1. I have neighbour envy because of the colour of that wall - it is DIVINE. Obviously better in person :) It's a really odd brownish/ green colour and it's perfect. Just perfect. One day I'll pluck up the courage and go ask them for the colour!

  2. I love the bird doing the straight-leg march...HA! I love the view of your windows...gorgeous! And I love the last one with the focus on your neighbors' house. :)

    [So obviously I can't pick just one favorite!]

    I feel like I'm linking up "in earnest" for the first time ever...woo hoo!!!

    Thank you-thank you-thank you!!!


  3. Anonymous10:48 pm

    I love the one of you snopping and the view from your bed

    Mrs FF

  4. This is very random, but I LOVE the way your smiley face looks with your header font. Seriously love. :)

  5. Oh the glasses! Lovely

  6. I'm loving that view from your wonderful to have that fantastic light! J is funny about privacy too...little does he know I'm about to remove the blinds in our bedroom and go with curtains only. Ha!!

    And that last photo is fantastic too. Love the way the red flowers pop in it.

  7. I joined in yesterday, late as always but I'm in, so you can head on over and critic. I love the glasses short so so much. You know how I appreciate macro photography.


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