Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thoughts on a Sunday night/ gifts for kids

flowers at Irene Market

First off, I'm behind with blog reading a bit because I had one day out of the office on Wed and then a full day of meetings on Thurs (I think I had maybe 1 hour at my desk, if that).

This is a sign of things to come as the new job (which I don't have... YET :)) is very project-based and will involve a month or two on a project (i.e. not at desk) and then about 2 - 3 weeks office-based.

So it's going to be interesting.

Because I do like being caught up :)

However, the decluttering has helped because I don't feel like I neglected people that engage with me.

Nevertheless there are still 50 posts in my Google Reader.

Moving along...

I've been super productive this weekend - organised the fridge, freezer, D's desk (that was like 3 areas rolled up into 1), Kendra's hair things, school "art" and my desk.

I was also super inspired by Cat's post about parties and party gifts. Isn't it cool that she was also thinking about twins going to separate parties when I wrote that class parties blog?

About the party gifts, this is what I commented on her post (lightly edited):
I buy all the stuff when I see them on special but sometimes they don't quite "go" together. Like I have 10 colouring books, only 2 packs of crayons, etc. so I ended up sometimes running out and having to get some more stuff anyway.

So this afternoon I unpacked ALL the gift stuff and made present piles. I have 5 boy presents ready, 2 sets of twins presents and 4 girl presents. I feel awesome!!!!

What are your go-to gifts for the 3 - 4-year-old crowd?

Louisa, these bird cages are rather fetching :)

We also had a really busy weekend yesterday with fridges arriving and whatnot (new-to-us, not new) and then us dashing off to Irene to the market with friends, and then to their new house. More on that in about 3 months' time (!) in a proper post with pics.

As we're talking in the car, Kendra says, "are we seeing Aunty J and Uncle P at their house?"

D says, "yes, Baby, but first we're going to the market. To market, to market..."

K (without missing a beat) to buy a fat pig

We all howled with laughter.

My silly K :)

This week I have nothing planned except my usual coaching calls which means I'm going to have lots of time to do good work on my business. My not-so-secret plan is to have about 15 of my 18 goals done by June so I can coast.... let's see how that works for me :)

What are your priorities for the week?


  1. As much as possible, I try to give more experience-oriented supplies and games are my go-to's. I don't actually have a gift closet, though! I don't do all that many gifts, generally, so I like to buy for the specific makes me happy. :)

    That's so funny about K's to market, to market...I'd have to look it up, but I am 100% certain I have that as one of my "fab" notes from a while of our girls did the exact same thing! HA!

  2. Books - if there are kids who are a totally different age to mine I buy books - they are a pretty fail safe gift and really who has too many books :)

    Cameron's friends are at the "money" stage now which to me is a little depressing - Kiara's friends are very crafty so we have fun shopping for them!

    I LOVE those bird cages! Do you remember how much they were? I have enough for the wedding but if they are reasonable I may get a few for in case!!

    PS - the girls at the wedding will be decorating notebooks as their little activity to keep them busy!!

  3. Oh, how sweet of K and buying a big fat pig - hie hie hie :)

  4. Mwahaha...we may or may not already have a little bird cage full of bath goodies as a separate gift that nicola can give to my mom herself. It's not pink, but she picked it and filled with pink things so it'll have to do. ;-)

  5. My goals are to catch up on work missed whilst I was in CT last week, to BLOG and to survive Kade's first week at pre-school.


  6. Oh I love that market and yeah on a productive weekend. My week, sigh - survival at most.

  7. Gifts for kids of all ages = books.

    However, if I have am extremely fond of the kid/s in question then I may actually spend more money and have something personalised for them.
    This week I have sessions with Joel's therapists, we have to catch up all of Joshua's Maths because he lost his book (am still seething about that btw) and I have to sit with money stuff that I'm in denial about.

  8. Lesley9:29 pm

    I would either buy play-dough and cutters or books.

    One of my goals for the month was to have a baking day with a lady i know who is a great baker. She is coming on Thursday : )

  9. LOVE the pics of the market. I have never been there, I want to go sometime though!

  10. You were in my neck of the wood!!! And I should make plans to go to that market, always plan to but I always end up missing it!!!!

    K is so sweet and very funny! So did you get a fat pig (wonder where that came from)

    My go to gift for the 3-4 year age group is usually books, educational toys or clothes (depends on if I have an idea of what they like), thanks to you I now know not to buy battery operated gifts or noise making gifts for that age group or anyone younger.

    Any news on the job?


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