Sunday, April 07, 2013

A very full weekend and differing parenting styles


We had a very full weekend because we went to Centurion to spend the afternoon with friends yesterday.

I said to D, "what is it with me that has all these friends in Pretoria?"

(Centurion is practically Pretoria - about 20 mins away???)

Then again, this is my oldest friends still in contact with me and since we met in Grahamstown (over 1000 km away), to be only 40 minutes away is a real blessing.

Nevertheless, it was WONDERFUL as usual - all the kids wanted to spend more time together which is really nice. I kind of get a kick out of it and I keep telling D, I know her longer than I know you. And I've known D for sweet forever :)

But more about that when I can be bothered to post pics.

Although my friend and I spoke about something.

Do you and your husband (and for Pufferfish, wife) agree on parenting techniques, etc? 

We mostly do and definitely on the big 3 but I'd say most of D's and my fights are about some aspect of parenting. My friend and her husband said the same thing. That they disagree so one of them will just give in... 


I'm up to date with March photos but not all the blogging obviously. And I'll be starting April this week.

Then MIL came over after church and of course the kids were probably the worst behaved I've seen them in weeks.
Time-outs, no napping, rudeness, smacks, etc.

Just lovely.


They calmed down enough for us to do a little something together, we bathed, fed them and they were asleep by 7.30.

Still, I got a lot of projects done which is now my new thing - I'm not waiting for time to do stuff... the kids can behave and do things nicely with me or they need to go play by themselves in the sun room.

But now I'm at that point in a book (quite honestly it was that way from page 1) and I want to quickly pack my workbag with a new notebook for my new job (you're going to get so SICK of me banging on and on....) and then get stuck in :)

How was your weekend?



  1. Agree on parenting...NEVER!

    There is always clearly one parent "in charge" and the other one just around. I'm sure you can figure out who is who there. He is very much of the mind that there is more than one way to do something "right", but he fails to reach my standards of "right". (Nope, not a control freak!)

    I'm over the weekend and ready for this week! It's going to be gorgeous out!

  2. That's the one thing I don't have to do...get someone to agree with me on parenting. There's no my way or the highway, just my way. ;-)

  3. We had such a lovely weekend!!

    D and I do have differing parenting styles - our dynamic is actually so interesting because he parented my older kids before parenting his own baby. There are issues I stand my ground and others I compromise on. But for the most part we are on the same page!

    After this weekend it is confirmed that our parenting style is the exact opposite from the friends we went away - CHALK AND CHEESE!!!!!!!!

    1. Teehee - I want to hear all about that!

    2. That can be difficult. We had the same with my BIL and SIL - they will thank a child for tasting one bit of food (chicken). I will insist they clean their plate with all the healthy food including veggies as a matter rule.

  4. Oh gosh I love the photos! A has the very same rainboots - love them for winter. Just wipe and clean. We do agree mostly but we decided long ago that 3 will run us over if at least we do not agree in front of them. We are rather strict parents though (I think).

  5. How cute are those two little ones. DH always worked long hours, so disciplining was left to this mamma. The boys say that I was a very "kwaai" mamma. I didn't want Kobus to discipline them in the little time that they had with I was happy to be the kwaai mamma.

  6. Love this set of pics. We do have differing parenting styles. I should blog about this.

  7. I don't know if Aaron and I just agree for the most part or if he just let's me have my way... with parenting and most everything.


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