Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April goals

So it's April!

And I may as well not set any other goals for the year because my main goal for the year is DONE!


Well, you know me - that will never happen so of course I do have a list but I'm turning things down a notch and only putting 30 things on my list this month.

But first, how did March go?

I got 33.2 out of those 38 things done = 87.4% :)

And how did March go for you? Did you get your three things done?

(If you don't remember, check what you wrote in the comments here)

and because Louisa posted one today, here's one of my favourite Ballito pics!
Anyway, here are some of my goals for April.

God/ ministry
• Visit new cell group
• Sponsor another World Vision child with tax rebate money - gosh, not for lack of trying

Family/ Dion
• Make button monograms w K & C
• 2 dates with D
• 3 hours on baby book project!

• Lunch – R & M
• Lunch – C & A
• Photo walk date – Mrs FF
• Tea with 5 bloggers

• School post – private schools
• 2 from drafts
• Superhero posts

• Read 5 books – 2 physical
• Take 5 pics of faces
• Pay for a handwriting font (Lord, this is another carryover too - I can't seem to get this right!)
• Project Life for March
• Try 2 new recipes
• 5 random acts of kindness
• Make a craft with scrapbook paper

Health, fitness and appearance
• Go to Weigh-Less every week and hopefully lose another 2 kg
• Go to at least 10 out of 12 available work-out sessions

What are your top 3 goals for April?
Can you help me with any of mine?


  1. As per usual you totally astound me. And I actually got my 3 March ones done with even more decluttering than I listed. Yeah.

  2. Lesley10:00 pm

    mmmm not so good, the gardening one got done, and i wanted to do the games night but it never worked out time wise with other people, so i did TRY : )
    The crochet flower one i gave up on.

  3. Love the new look of your blog and congrats on your March goals! xo

  4. I am going to start making goals as well...sounds like so much sense

  5. That is a lovely pic! i know exactly the spot too. :-)
    I'm looking forward to that tea you mentioned. I'll search my numerous recipe books in the meantime and see if I can give you something to sink your teeth into for this one: Try 2 new recipes

  6. 1. last of wedding planning has to be the top goal
    2. Kiara's party
    3. and plans and schedules for the wedding :-p

    We are all about the wedding at the moment :))

  7. Oh, I need to have a goal list! YOU inspire me.
    I'm so happy you post these because it's a reminder that it doesn't have to be HUGE.
    Make a craft with scrapbook paper--I can do that! Random acts of kindness, new recipes.
    See, I never think of those as goals and that's my problem.
    Mine are more like: scan every single hard copy of every photo in my possession.
    Overwhelming. Which is why I never get it done!
    Gotta break it on down.
    So, April:

    Go to Yoga every Monday morning (so far so good!)
    Go to Gym once a week (so far so good!)
    Find a designer for my new Wordpress blog--yes, I'm going there.

  8. I want to read 4 books - am currently reading 2 and they should both be done by next week!
    Sit with the money spreadsheet.
    Get settled into the new school term and do some planning to streamline Child1's workload.
    Break up with a stalker - not as easy as it sounds.

  9. ps...I will help you by finding you some cool, easy recipes. I LOVE sourcing them. However, I don't like to actually cook anything. Do you have any preferences?


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