Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At the moment I'm loving some randomness

Sometimes I finish off a month's photo organising and there are a lot of pics that are totally random - not enough to make a post from one "event" but I still want to share the pics.

Like this lot. So I thought I'll just talk random nonsense to go with the random pics.

I always think of Lynette and Cat when I do these random posts because I so enjoy theirs and they always say they like these too. Thank you, friends :) 

I do love these pillowcases I bought at Mr Price Home. To be honest, I've bought five sets of pillowcases in the last month... it's a bit of a sickness but since I do mostly abide by my one in, one out rule that's how I justify it.


This weekend I bought some nice winter pillowcases - a pair each for K, C and for us. I can't wait to start using them but our little house rule is the winter sheets and pillowcases go on the beds on 1 May. The kids have their own rules though which is climb into things as soon as I get them :)

I also bought a new pair of takkies this weekend. I've been meaning to for months but these are so comfortable and I just plain forget everytime I take off the takkies. But I told my personal trainer I'd treat myself to a pair IF I got the new job. Well, that happened and still I didn't get the takkies but last week when I'd actually started there, I remembered again and so this weekend went to buy some. They're white with purple trim though :)

these ones from Penney's in Dublin

Isn't the afternoon light beautiful on these Project Life cards?

I'm playing more and more with black and white. A trick! If a photo doesn't look good, try making it black and white first and see if it looks better :) This Valentine's wreath is faded a bit on the one side so it got the old BW treatment and now I think the photo looks good.

Guess what? I finally signed up that second World Vision child and I couldn't be happier. The person in charge of sponsorships had left and that's why my emails were unreturned, etc. Nevertheless, the new person is lovely, highly responsive on email (which I love) and since my child in the first project transitioned out of the programme, I chose a girl and boy, both 3 years old. Their names are Promise and Thato. I can't wait to get their cards in the mail and show the kids so we can go buy something for these babies :)

I don't think I told you but a certain someone cut this doll's hair and so the scissors got put in toy jail for a whole two weeks. It was torturous :)

The kids are going through this stage where they keep telling and checking with me which letters certain words start with. K is right 98 % of the time and she has a memory on her so once I corrected her when she said Chief starts with a J (Chief is the security guard at their school) and now she knows all CH words also start with a C like Connor.

Connor is too cute - he gets about half right but guesses with lots of enthusiasm for the rest. Like "pillowcase starts with a.... T". But it's just because he can't quite be bothered to work it all out. So now we have a joke and he first guesses wrong on purpose, we both laugh and then he'll try after that. So cute.

and last but not least, I love love love that Connor is so interested in photography. He is SO bossy - Funso, you will love seeing it in action. "Mummy, you sit there and Daddy, you sit there. Kendra, you go there. Now everybody, I want you to look at me" and then he goes wild taking about 10 in a row. I can't think where he gets this....:)

But in typical boy fashion, he also decided he likes taking pics of b.oo.bs. I have pics of mine that he took after a nice one of me (one of my favourites actually).

Bottom line, Connor took the one above and this one below :)

What do you love at the moment? 
How are you doing with pillowcases? :)


  1. Love the randomness. Joel is as bossy with the photo stuff. Wants to pose and everything and keeps telling me to "take a photo Julia I am smiling". We had a photo shoot in the car on the way home with the toy puppies who had to be placed in about 12 different poses.
    Right now I am LOVING the weather. The rain. The very dark skies. And being snuggled up while listening to the sounds of winter.

  2. Oh you know I love the randomness. We have a complete winter set that I bought years ago at Woollies - all white with lavender - pillowcases, sheets and yes, duvet cover too. Lucy put it on on Monday and it was so nice to snuggle into it on Monday night but last night it was way too hot. I am looking for winter duvets for the kids this year.

  3. I love how you get your children involved in photography. Teaching our kids, our loves and skills :)

  4. Little OL is also facinated by what words start with, but gets it wrong most of the time. They sent out tips from her school last week on playing "eye spy" and said that we should concentrate on one sound first then move on to another, but Little OL has other ideas and asks about everything.

  5. These photos are all so lovely - I like the eyelashes one best and then the one with you and Kendra second best!

    I have loads of pillow cases, all still in fairly good nic - so I don't really need to look into new ones now. We also don't really do summer and winter sheets, it's summer sheets all year long in our house at the moment - but we do have winter spesific blankets at least.

    I am cooking up a special birthday surprise for steamcleaner (who usually takes leave so that she can pretend it didn't happen). Her birthday is on sunday so we're surprising her by having it tomorrow...I'm off on Friday and she's off on Monday, and J who's helping me with it is fully booked on tuesday - so tomorrow it is. I am ridiculously excited about the gift. It's a bit of a laugh actually because we're just framing one of her most famous sayings for her with some visual aids, but I think she'll love it (also balloons and chocolates to go with it of course). She always says "Just put on your big girl knickers and get on with it" when someone whines to her...so I found some big big bloomers and it's all going into a giant frame.

    Hehehe...can. not.wait.to.see.her.face when she opens it! :-D

  6. We have enough pillow cases :) LOL it's not really something I worry about to be honest. We have loads - winter and summer so I don't ever buy.

    What am I loving? Swimming at gym!

  7. Finally doing some blog reading!

    Love the random posts too.

    And yes, the BW trick is one i fall back on so many many times :)

    We are very cold here so our winter bedding has been on our beds since beginning April. I found that the Mr P winter stuff went all bobbly, so resorted to Woolies and so far soo good.

    Love the eyelash pic x

  8. Love the photos


  9. Love randomness. LOVE LOVE K's eyelashes, so gorgeous!

  10. Well, I wonder where C got the photo bossiness from? Let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (LOL) But he is turning out to be a good photog just like his mama.

    And the doll did get a good hair cut :) :)

    What I was loving - getting out of bed whenever I felt like (joys of being on leave)


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