Thursday, April 18, 2013

Career day at the babies' school


It's career day at the babies' school tomorrow.

When we first got the note about two weeks ago, I heard D asking them what they want to go as.

Kendra said, "a mother"to which he said, "yes, and what else?"


K nothing else, just a mother

D you do know you can be something else as well as a mother

K no, I just want to be a mother

D well, Mummy's a mother and she has another job

K was not convinced so he left it.

Then a few days after that I heard them playing and they were talking to one another saying, I'm Dr P (our female GP) and you're Dr S (our male paed). Too cute!

I had to lay down on the bed on Monday or Tues so Connor could "fix" me as he calls it. I must confess I nearly fell asleep - it's so nice to have kids "fixing" you :)


Tonight was crunch time - this whole thing crept up on me because I've been working so hard.

Connor was easy - a doctor - and the only negotiations we had was how much of the medical set to take with him to school.

I again asked K what she wanted to be when she grows up.

K A mother

Me why do you say you want to be a mother?

K I want to be just like you.



That's tonight's sweetness and why she got away with just a little bit more sass :)

I'm still working on her because you can be a mother and a something else.

She told me exactly what she wants though - only one child (maybe she sees with twins you never get "the parents" all to yourself) and she wants to dress up with necklaces, and wants to wear "Mummy nail polish" (that means dark colours and bright colours, not the pastels only) and lipstick.

Apparently that's what she thinks I do.

Tomorrow she'll get to wear some pink lip gloss (which I've called lipstick), I've done her nails in Mummy colours (a dark brown - remember I have a little goth) and she'll wear one of my necklaces. She's also chosen a baby to take to school and I'll also let her take a bag!

Please ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up and tell me.

Don't you think my K is adorable?

These pics were taken about a month and a half ago when it was still HOT :)


  1. Ugh, this is where I would fret over "the message" I'm sending. I'd love to know what she thinks it is you do while you're away. :)

    Neighbor lady just had this awakening, her daughter has no idea she's a nurse!

  2. Oh gosh,she is cute! I actually think you are an awesome mother if she thinks you are just a mom - it shows that regardless of working she still thinks you are "mom enough" . She will later get the work thing - I promise.

    A is pretty constant in something ot do with animals or wild life although an astronaut was mentioned the other day. (I do think her talent lies with animals or pople with disabilities. She has a huge interest and compassion for others )C is now convinced he wants to be a doctor (I think he is 100% architect material though) and L is constantly putting out fires (I think something mechanical but with him its difficult to know). I think I wil ask them tonight for a Projec tLIfe journal

  3. Kiara wants to be a vet - she always has since she knew what a vet was. Cameron hasn't decide yet - he goes between lawyer and chef :)

  4. wow, career day at Pre-school. Phew! I am 41 and still have no idea.....
    I have not asked Little OL - I will ask her when she gets home, but we joke and say she will be an aeronautical engineer. She loves planes and the first thing she build out of blocks was a plane. She was not even 2 and it actually looked like one.

  5. My A goes back and forth between "a teacher and a mommy" and "a vet and a mommy". B is consistent about "a vet and a mommy". Sometimes they talk about being different kinds of vets. :) But they're 100% consistent about "...and a mommy". Melt!!!

    Too funny what K thinks a mommy does! ;) Love that she's taking a bag with her! Hahaha! That's YOU!

  6. She is ADORABLE!!

    I just asked Hailey and she said, "I wanna cook." I said, "cook what?" She said, "cook good food for you!" NICE!!!

  7. Nicola says she wants to be a teacher...or a ballerina princess. So cute what Kendra thinks you do! She can always choose to be just a mommy too. ;-)

  8. Nicola says she wants to be a teacher...or a ballerina princess. So cute what Kendra thinks you do! She can always choose to be just a mommy too. ;-)

  9. So I asked Little OL what she would like to be when she is grown up. Her answer " Bigger". LOL!

  10. I love K's ideas about all the things a mommy does! Too cute. : )

    I just asked A & M what they wanted to be...M said a "princess dancer", so A said the same thing too. That's usually how it goes around here. Some days A wants to be a garbage truck driver (I have no idea?!), so I'd say there are no real tangible goals yet. Ha!

  11. The only ones awake are Ethan and Logan and neither know what they want to be LOL

  12. So how did the career day go? Hope they enjoyed it?

    You should take K to work one of these days (if it is feasible) so she sees you are not just mommy. But I think it definitely means you are doing something great if all she wants is to be like you :)

  13. I LOVE it! She's too clever and oh, so adorable. I really don't think you need to worry about the Mom/work thing.
    Joel told me yesterday he wants to be a puppy. Apparently Joshua is going to design code and write x-box games.

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