Thursday, April 04, 2013

Control freaks and a different perspective

OH MY GOSH. I have one official day left in the old job and really, I just want to go now.

I haven't even had the chance to "be sick" earlier this week (I'm still coughing and if I don't take care, this could get worse) because my list doesn't get any shorter if I'm not here.

My boss seems to think I'm working until the work is done, not til Friday afternoon....

When I told her I start there on Monday with a possible Friday afternoon (we bill out a 4.5 day work week with a 0.5 day on Fridays for emails and team meetings) for the 3 weeks left of April to tie up loose ends here, she said, "that's what you think...." so .... yes. Stress city.

I have a meeting with new boss tomorrow morning and I'm about to send old boss a list of things that are still outstanding.

She wants me to be involved in meetings but why wait for a Friday afternoon?!!!

The thing is there's a ton of stuff that I really can't do. But if she makes me do it it's going to take sweet forever because it's out of my skill set so I'll have to have meetings to find out how and what to do, and then try and do.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, let me stop venting and get on with the list!

PS my desk is packed up :) i have my new laptop :) I have induction checklists from the new team :) I'm so ready to move....

But how are YOU doing?

I thought this was interesting - look how the pics change as you move your body :)


  1. That does sound plenty stressful, Marcia. My experience is that there can be a lot of emotion leaving a position, and that all adds up -- in addition to the work load -- I know.

    I know you want to do your best and fulfill your obligations, but you don't want to leave a bundle of nerves, either. Could your current boss be bitter at you leaving? Especially with the things that are out of your skill set, I would really hope your current boss will give you a break.

    Can you prioritize your list by what you think you can (and should) do? I'd try to be as realistic as possible, keeping your mental well-being in mind. :)

    Best of luck, Marcia! I know you're so ready to begin the next adventure!

    1. I think it's because we're already resource constrained and now I'm going too.

      Of course I've prioritised but remember for her everything is supposed to be done (hands-on, not just to delegate and oversee) by me

  2. Who is the control freak? Her or you? is someone replacing you? If not then that's probably her stress.

    I ask that question cos I have a control freak post in my head - D called me one the other day and I was almost offended and thought "I AM NOT" and then tried to get him to say I wasn't - lol :-p SO I thought about it and mid-way through emailing out schedules of the wedding to the wedding party, grand parents, photographer etc I realised maybe I am. But only MAYBE!!!!!

    1. She is... (i am a recovering control freak but like a 1 on her scale :))

  3. Can't understand either why these things should wait till a Friday afternoon?
    I can hear how excited you are. Can't wait to hear more of the new job next week.

    1. It's because that is the only non-client billable time available.

  4. Oh Marcia, what huge stress you are under! Gosh and although I understand things must be tied up there are only so many hours in a day. Hope you find a sollution and all the best.

    (I am fine, helping with a kitchen tea tomorrow.)

  5. Ooooh! It's over! I am OK. Am going out with 2 of my favourite girlfriends tomorrow and my Boyfriend and I have a date on Sunday. I am too excited for this bit of alone time. I think we may go ice skating - just for a laugh that we sooooo desperately need.

  6. Just remember they always flog the willing horse...and if you want things done you always give it to the busy person...then it gets done. That is a compliment but it is also sometimes impossible to attain. Wishing you much strength and joy in the move.

  7. It's going to be great to have you round the corner! :-)

    I'm also sick as a dog (yes...again). I'm self medicating the hell out of this thing, so keep your fingers crossed please.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Ps! If you want to see control freak you should have been a fly on the wall at secret place yesterday. I made a star chart for my ignorant colleague...and smacked his hand for buggering up a report three months in a row. *hangs head in shame* Apparently going to work feeling like death warmed over doesn't bring out the best in me?

  8. Here's to the new job! Enjoy it to the max - and I hope it turns out to be everything you thought it would be



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