Monday, April 15, 2013

Conversations with Kendra

playing with editing - I LOVE this self-portrait

K Mummy, why do you call us babies if we're big kids?

Me Well, Baby, I don't have any other babies so you're my babies.

K But when will you stop calling us babies?

Me Kendra, quite honestly, I don't know if I'll ever stop calling you my babies.

And then I tickled her.


K spilled something after we told her it was going to happen because she was messing around in her seat.

D Kendra! I told you to sit nicely.

K Daddy, I'm only three, you know.


K Mummy, when I ask Teacher Thembi if I can go to the bathroom, she says "okay, my baby".

Me Do you like it when she does that?

K Yes!

Me So why don't you like it when I call you baby?

K Because I like it when you call us Pumpkin

K And I also like it when Daddy calls me Pipsqueak :)

Sweet baby girl!


K Daddy, I love you soooo much. I asked for a daddy like you. I asked God for you.

(which is very sweet but a little bit freaky, or is that just me?)

How's your Monday been?

Mine was quite good except for first thing this morning going round and around in the CBD's one-way streets trying to find the parking entrance. I WILL do better tomorrow.
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  1. Awe...that's so sweet!

    If you miss a turn in CBD it's a real pain because of all the stupid one ways. Grrr...

  2. Kendra is so cute. That pic is gorgeous.

  3. Oh I love that picture and the conversations! Yes, that last one is a bit freaky but C has once also said something in those lines to me.

  4. That picture is stunning! Such cute conversations.

  5. I love these conversations between you and Kendra.
    I love the first one :)

  6. Love love love that first photo.

  7. Agh what a cutie pie man!!!

    Monday was good - getting back into our routine after last weeks craziness!

  8. Love the pic and honestly I think that last conversation is just awesome actually. To me it illustrates Jeremiah 29:11 perfectly - the plan He has for us - before we even know it. Amazing.


  9. I really do love that picture soooo much. And I so agree with Sam's comment.

  10. OMW Kenna is so sweet!!!!! That last one is such a tear jerker, and no it's not freaky :)

    Hope you are getting better at finding your way around the CBD?


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