Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Sunday and the egg hunt

Right now I feel like I wasted today because I woke up at 5.30 a little bit sick (nose streaming, sneezing and sore throat). The sore throat is now gone and I believe that after my next Degoran, I'll be right as rain tomorrow.

Remember I have 4 days left and more than 4 days' work so I can't really afford to have time off....

We also went to buy some clothes for the kids. I had bought some things about two weeks ago but Kendra is very fussy and told me she doesn't like some of the tops and the shoes were too high (ankle takkies....).

I also bought myself another gorgeous pink leather bag. I should take a pic and show you. I haven't bought a bag in 4 months so this is good... for me.

Nevertheless, lunch and home. The kids wouldn't sleep but D and I did (me from the meds and him from old age :)) so the kids caused a bit of havoc in their bedrooms and the sunroom.

Like I said to D, it could have been worse like things CUT and WRITTEN on. As it is, they just trashed their bedroom with the contents of 4 bags and some clothes so all in all, not too bad. However, he was Not Impressed.

And now we're going to watch The Amazing Race and get ready for work tomorrow.

What did you get up to on Family Day?

Last year we went to the zoo.

PS When we brought the kids home from Granny's house, we had a little Easter egg hunt inside our  house. Hid 12 eggs and they had huge fun finding them.

blurry but don't you love the glee?!
Connor finding one
I inherited this chair from my granny who bought it somewhere in Africa. D said that was the easiest hiding place but they didn't find this one til last. Ha!
comparing... because we said there were 6 each
Connor found the last one but it was Kendra's so he's handing it over. What a kind boy!
Connor sharing with D. I love the feeling of space in this pic.
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  1. Poor you! Hope you feel better after you medicate and sleep. We had a lovely family day - I just blogged. Love the first pic of Kendra. She's just like Joel. So easily delighted. I LOVE it!

  2. Hope you are feeling better.

    The kids are so cute doing their egg hunt!

  3. WOW - they both look so grown up:)

  4. Love that first picture!!!

    Hope you are feeling better today. I can not have naps when the kids aren't - it just isn't worth the mess for me. Kiara is the WORST with it - doesn't matter what we do - she spreads her joy EVERYWHERE!

    Yesterday I went to yoga, did some scrapping while D rode and then the kids had their bff's round for a sleepover!

  5. Did I ever tell you how much I love your ceilings?

    I love that blurry photo!

    We saw the family off after a Wimpy breakfast - there were many many tears. Did a quick trip to Safari for a bit of a play, rest at home (no sleeping by kids though) and a trip to the park with the kids and the dogs.

  6. Oh yes, hope you are way better and the very best of luck for your last 4 days.

  7. Look after yourself and get well soon. Stefan is on his second course of antibiotics in three weeks...not nice.

    Lovely photos...such well behaved kids...they know how to share plus they trashed their bedroom.

  8. Awe, he is such a kind boy for handing over the egg to Kendra.

  9. Awe...that glee photo is so cute! Hope you feel better soon. We spent family day doing as little as possible because Nicola wasn't feeling well at all.

  10. Love how he's giving her the last egg cos it's really hers. Such good kids you have there.


  11. I'm so behind - the wifi is terrible here - I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new job! That's really great news!

  12. Oh I hope you're feeling better by now!
    Our Easter was super laid back and easy. Quite nice actually, without any fuss!


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