Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How easily do your kids go to sleep at night?

Thanks for telling me about the no-show pics. I deleted and re-added them and they look fine from my side - please check and let me know. Thanks :) (that pic of Connor is worth the click :))


At 8:08 I was listening to Connor sing "whoa whoa whoa, let your light shine" when he was supposed to be sleeping.

I laughed so hard that they got a bit of a fright and were quiet for a moment. Because I do think it's very cute that they're singing worship songs.

The other night it was "one way, Jesus" and I thought I couldn't possibly be hearing properly so I crept out with the iphone and said, "sing that song again, Kendra" and they did. At the end she says, "can I stop now?" :)

So I have a black screen and a video of the cute (at least to me) voices of 3-year-olds worshipping.

Mind you, Connor often says to me, "bye Mummy, I love you and I like you, let your light shine". First time he said that I said, "what? what did you just say?" and sure enough, that's what he said.

these are Naartjie caps and I still have them in the one A4 memory box I have

But back to the topic.

I think it's time to drop the nap and I'm DREADING it. I don't deal well with the brand of crazy for the two hours before sleeptime.... but I may be willing to experiment a bit.

How did you transition to the no naps and do your kids go to bed easily as a result?

I made taco mince for supper tonight and it is so H O T I can't even finish my food! (Bonus - weigh less!) Same sachet of spice so I can only think that I must have used only half a sachet last time?


I'm absolutely freezing... already! I've been wearing flannel pjs for the last 3 weeks, my electric blanket's on and I'm drinking big mugs of tea.

I forgot how nice it is to hug cuddly children in polar fleece :)


And on the work front, I am knackered. I think I have a real feel for this work but the hours are slowly killing me. When I get home I want to do nothing. I'm really hoping it's just for this phase of the project but we'll see. On the bright side, at least I'm being paid more ...By the way, I decided to TRUST God to sort out this working hour thing for now...

Last night I was feeling SO frustrated - I hate feeling behind at work - so I went to gym and it was great. To just lose myself while focussing on the dance.

Today was better but I only got home just before 6, and I left home at 7:45 this morning. So at lunch time, I escaped for a 15-minute walk in the CBD. I left my phone charging at the office otherwise I would have taken some gorgeous pics. My word, either B.ank C.ity is looking amazing these days or I'm really enjoying the beauty of everyday things :)

Returned to the office with a nail polish and a smile on my face :)

How's your week going?


  1. I'm determined to keep nap until they're 12-ish :)

    Without HAM in our equation I wouldn't mind dropping the nap. I would mean a slightly earlier bedtime and I'm ok with that. I'm secretly hoping to be able to go a day or two without naps over vacations this summer. I loathe stopping a trip for nap!

    My general feeling is to gauge them. Do they resist nap at all yet? Do they stay up late in the evenings? The neighbor girl has moved to shorter naps or just quiet time in her room. Gives Mom a break and let's her rest without a full nap. Maybe that would work for you too?!

  2. Naps during the day made no difference to Jadakins bedtime and energy.....
    Good luck with the work hour thing. I found as a mom the hours I used to work got to me. I eventually left my job, took a pay cut, got a job closer to home where I work from 7:15 to 3:45, with a gym in the building.....

  3. Dropping the nap will do them good and you too. They will fall asleep much more quickly.
    We struggle but like you know, my son have ADHD and it takes his mind to calm down at least an hour. So he rolls around in bed from 20h00-21h00.
    I love the baby pictures in this post. Yesterday's post I too could not see the photos but thought it was something to do with our firewall here at work.

  4. Although they both nap at school during the week, I don't force a nap on the weekend. During the week although they are in bed by 7h30pm, Liam can often lay awake until 8h30pm - because of his nap at school. On the weekends when I don't enforce a nap, he is in bed and asleep within 10 minutes. I like this because he is getting an extra hour in at night which I think is better than an hour in the day which he really doesn't need any more - he copes really well without his nap on weekends, he doesn't do crazy hour anymore. HANNAH on the other hand, still goes a bit cuckoo if she misses her nap on the weekend unless I keep her well occupied in those two hours up to bedtime. So I do try to let her nap but we are often out and about on weekends and it isn't always possible. So I make sure they are busy with a task in the two hours before bedtime - drawing, doing a puzzle, etc.. (something calming of course) so she is occupied and forgets how tired she is! Because if I just leave her to do her own thing, or put her in front of the tv, she will literally cry and whine herself to bed.. which drives us all batty!
    Ag man, these pics make me broody - just for a second! lol.

  5. SO much cuteness here! Well, yes, sadly dropping th enap will help with night time. One get to that stage. What worked for us for a good 2 years wasw staying up later on weekend nights and then napping Saturday and/or Sunday. Sadly it does nto work for the boys any more. Does for A though some time but I think it's her hectic sport schedule. Bedtime is 7:30 for the boys - A may be a bout 15/20 minutes later but that's it

  6. The pictures are now working and are SO cute! I have one of K with his hat over his face like that too ;)

    Kade still naps from 12h00 till around 14h00 but copes ok-ish if he doesnt' have his nap. That said we are no where near close to dropping the nap and I'll probably come back to this post when my time comes or post something similar for assvice then...

    Re the work hours... it's not easy juggling work and home life and getting it all in. I too work long hours and have resolved to make my weekends count to the absolute max in terms of time spent with Kade cos week days it's just not possible at this stage. Good luck working it all out for your family.


  7. Nicola still has the nap during the week at school. Over weekends, forget about it! She's just not interested in going there. When she just started doing that she used to get really cranky from about 18:00 onwards and battled to settle down, but now she's so used to it that it really doesn't make a big difference to her mood at all.

    I think our bedtime is a bit later than yours though - we hit the hay at 20:00-ish, and usually she doesn't give me any grief about it at all. 5 or 10 minutes later she's out cold (as long as I'm also sleeping). ;-)

  8. My kids take ages to fall asleep at night when they sleep during the day (usually on school days because they sleep at school most of the time). But when they don't sleep during the day, from 5pm onwards they are so irritable, BUT do fall asleep quicker and earlier! I think I prefer the latter option as at least I can have some time to myself in the evenings even if the last 2-3 hours of their day is extremely difficult!

  9. I declared that we dropped the nap months ago, but for the last couple of months it seems like we have taken at least one on the weekend. The girls do still have one at school. Sunday afternoons are usually the nap we encourage...because J and I take one then, too. : )

    A & M are getting bad about staying up way too late. It is sometimes worse when they've had a long nap, but in general, I need to work on getting them to bed earlier. They're now into the 'reading' and talking in bed stage...it can last up to an hour after I put them to bed sometimes! I don't want to discourage the reading in bed, because I think it's a good habit to have, so that leaves me responsible for getting them in there earlier so they have time for such.

  10. Joel doesn't nap during the day. Apparently he refuses so he just gets to have quiet time. Of course this means that he's cranky and overtired at night which has other implications. We do struggle with him to go to bed. Joshua is a morning person and NOT a night-owl so no issues with him. He gets into bed early to read.

  11. I can't remember when they dropped the nap or how - think it just sort of happened on it's own.

    Jack still naps but it varies from 3 hours to an hour. He will probably drop it once he starts school mainly because there just wont be time for him in the afternoon once I fetch him.

    Week is going good. I have finally pulled my head out the sand and am actually DOING wedding stuff now - all the decor boxes are packed and labeled ready to be dropped off!


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