Sunday, April 21, 2013

How I know I'm really done aka the baby book project

On the way home from church, Connor says, "Mummy, my tummy needs some lunch RIGHT NOW" :) and then later....he brought me a "bead" from outside in the garden, "Mummy, I brought this for you but you mustn't lose this otherwise I won't give you another one" (this is me!)

BTW, the "bead" is a pellet from a gun. We have NEVER bought our kids those pellet guns but the previous kid who lived here 7.5 years ago used them. We're STILL finding them in the grass, etc. Yes.

Kendra goes to have a pee before naptime and finds the bath mat skew.

"Who moved this mat? I don't like it when it's not in front of the toilet" (said in her bossy little voice)

Okay then!

I finished Kendra's baby book last night.

I told you before that I was struggling but then I just thought, "stuff this" so instead of having 4 pics per month to make it fit into the 50-page photo journal, I just went through all the pics and starred any I liked. At the end I ended up with 118 pics plus two from the professional shoot.

Some months I had 3 and some I had 20.

It's all good. Why should I choose 4 if  I liked all 20? They go through some really cute phases - might as well enjoy them. (Kendra's was 4 months, Connor's was 8 months)

So I chose the photos that make me smile... mostly :) Because all those screaming pics of Kendra made me once and for all realise I am SOOOOO done!

I used both sides of the photo journal pages because if we wait for D to add journalling (it's sooooooo not my thing), we'll wait til Kendra's married one day.

So I was able to put birth to 9 months in the pink photo journal and then I just started the next 200-page album at 10 months.

And it's DONE!

Kendra - age 2.5 months actual age - two weeks adjusted age

I'm really, really proud of myself for letting go of perfectionism.

My goal is to get them all to age 4 in the rest of that 200-page album since I only started taking lots of photos when they were 2 years 5 months but if not, whatever. Perfectionism was crippling me and good thing I realised it so I could move ahead.

I picked up the rest of the photos (Connor's) on the way from church so I'm tackling that now.

these were the days when they'd fall asleep in the car and not wake when moved. This was at a friend's house
Anyway, these are two of my absolute favourite of Kendra's baby pics.

No surprise that they're both photos of her sleeping :)

I actually have a folder called "sleeping pics" - I need to take some more for that folder :)

What are you up to on this cold but beautiful Sunday afternoon?


  1. It is so very true...perfectionism can be so paralyzing! I'm SO PROUD of you for doing these books!!!

    You know I love sleeping pics, too. I wish I had more! ;) Maybe when we get into the new house and big girl beds I can steal a few more. :)

    I love hearing the things your kiddos say...I can just picture it in their precious little voices! :) :)

  2. I love baby photos. They were so cute (they still are).
    I'm glad you're done. Love the book's cover.

  3. This is my (slightly over ambitious) goal for this summer while the ladies are in camp! Time to break out my screaming pictures and get to work! Kudos for finishing, that gives me some hope. I think I'm going all PL on this baby photo business, and I'll use my blog as reference. It will give me a place to shove all these bits I've been saving too.

  4. Awe...just look at how tiny she was!
    Congrats on finishing the book - that's no small feat.

  5. Hard to believe they were that tiny!!!!

    That's a big feat... congrats

    And C is too cute, would love to hear what he says when he is full..... my tummy can't take more food right now LOL

    PS: Thanks for the book, finished it last night

  6. You are SUPER impressive. How awesome that you are letting go of perfectionism? I LOVE that.


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