Sunday, April 28, 2013

I really hope I haven't made a huge mistake


Today I spent 3 hrs 10 working (I decided to keep a home timesheet too!) and another 15 minutes crying.

Crying! I'm not normally a crier...

The 3 hrs were to get up to date on last week's work.

I have a list for this week and IF nothing happens, like unexpected meetings or me/ kids getting sick (as it is I am only about 85% well - yes, I fully realise it's partly stress), I may get through it all. No talking, eating lunch while working, no emails, certainly no checking blogs, no faffing, nothing.

I'm really hoping that this is all just a period of adjustment to the new role and that I'll hit my stride soon.

What if I'm actually not cut out for this type of work? What will I do?

I really LOVE the company I'm at.

In any event, it's an opportunity to exercise my word of the year, TRUST.

So if you're the praying sort, please pray for me.

Otherwise, please leave me some encouraging words. Thanks.


  1. Prayers for you, friend! I hope it's just an adjustment period, and you'll be able to work out a schedule that feels a little better for you.

    You are cut out for anything you want to do, I know that much!!

  2. oh marcia, you CAN do it. the beginning of ANYTHING is hard and there's always an adjustment period. you are an amazing woman with so many talents and skills, you ROCK.

    ...and you know? sometimes a good cry really helps to sort things out, right?

  3. Every new place comes with some adjustment, and being sick doesn't help. I'll keep you in my prayers...and give it an honest 6 months shot. If you still haven't adjusted to the new pace then maybe it's not the place for you?

  4. So tough! Trust and believe God for wisdom and direction in this situation. I will be praying with and for you, friend xx

  5. Lesley11:50 am

    I'm sure it's just getting used to things and finding your rhythm. My goodness if YOU cant do it who can? : )

    Will pray for you that you find your stride soon and know His peace while you are finding it.
    Blessings on your day. xx

  6. Its so tough starting at a new job, but I believe in you that you can make this work, if after 3-6 months you are still unhappy, maybe the job is just not for you.

    I cried every day at the beginning of my current job, I've been here for almost 3 years, and only when we moved and the company split up have I beeb unhappy again. I've given it 4 months and I just cannot find my groove with the new place and people, so I know its time for me to move on, just waiting for God to show me the correct opportunity, in the meantime I keep on looking and ask for his guidance.

    Hang in there M, its tough, but you can do it!! Sending you lots of hugs and praying that you find your groove or move ;-)

  7. Of course it's an adjustment thing hon. You wouldn't have been hired for the job if you were not geared for it, so don't worry about that. Thing is you just need to find your new normal in the new job. You might have to change some things up but that's to be expected isn't it? You have after all made a change to your life...

    You are THE most organised person I have ever come across - you will figure this all out as well... Cut yourself some slack and give yourself the time to settle in and find your groove.



  8. If anybody can make it work for them then my money is on you! I am sure it is just an adjustment period and you will settle into the rythm of it soon. If not, then you will find something else.

    I am sending you hugs in the meantime!

  9. Marcia, I am sure this will get better. You are still very new in this position and it takes time. Just hold one for a while.

  10. Who is this lady and what have you done with my Marcia??

    Be strong and find your groove. Maybe take along a little something each day to remind you of your awesomeness!

  11. Oi, once again did a commnet on the ipad that is totally gone!

    Anyways, my friend, although I will certainly pray for you I KNOW you will be fine. Adjustment is never easy. You will get there.

    BTW I often work an hour or two at home nwo and again - I just feel it reduce my stress if I feel I am on top of it rather than stressign that I am not - and I also keep time of it!

  12. BTW - that first shot is stunning!

  13. I battle with any changes in my routine. It makes me very anxious. Even when the changes are the ones I want and know I can handle I still get anxious because it is all new.

    I think just do the best you can and take this as an adjustment period - I think it is normal especially when the job is so different.

    Trust my friend!

  14. Oh honey. I am so sorry that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I find that it really sucks to be the new kid on the block. You are VERY capable of this job that is soooooo YOU and I think that you need to go easy on yourself. Give yourself time to adjust, take things one day at a time and TRUST that it will all come together. As you get used to it, you will find ways to work more efficiently because THAT is how you roll. Hang in there, love. I will pray. xx

  15. ((hugs)) hope this week will be better.

  16. You can do this! It's like... your job is a newborn. You have to get to know each other and then it will be easier and more intuitive.

  17. You are in my prayers my friend....I hope things have improved.


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