Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm on a roll even though I look terrible!

Connor's baby book is now done too.

In the end, on this baby book project, I did the journals for both kids and I started their 200-photo photo albums intended for the toddler years.

I also did those year-at-a-glance photo frames which I'm too scared to hang because I have wild kids (the one canvas was in a different spot after nap time - or lack of it - today)...

And then, because I looked through about 2000 pics anyway, I also starred "together" pics, had those printed and last night I did that album.

It looks awesome. I'll take proper pics of everything when the light is good and I have time (probably only on the weekend).

I showed D everything and the first thing he says to me, "I can't believe I look so terrible". I said, "WE looked terrible" so he's a little depressed at how no-one threw us a lifeline or just told us we look terrible and perhaps offered babysitting so we could sleep for an afternoon. Ha! Hell will freeze over first.

Nevertheless, he did say, it must have taken you so long to do all of that. Um, yes. About 10 - 12 hours. Of course the worse part was choosing all the pics.

Were we the only ones who looked terrible in year 1 of our kids' lives?

Kendra asked D when they were looking through her book, "Daddy, why were you so tired?" and I gave him a warning look before he said, "taking care of kids is hard work" :)

PS I was already working on these baby books but I must tell you how my friend, Caren, inspired me yesterday. We went over for lunch and she showed me her kids' baby books (complete to 3 years old because I seem to remember party pics). Hers is a very simplified version - thickness and size of a photo book - which encompasses the first 5 years.

PPS I wish you could see my study - my box from work is here plus all these photo things are EVERYwhere. Also, I haven't even started April pics except to put them in folders.


  1. Well done to you! And yes, we looked terrible. Absolutely terrible too. BTW can not see the pictures.

  2. I can't see these pics :( No idea why - I can see the ones in the previous post!

    but well done on getting it all done!

  3. I can't see the pictures either...tried on the laptop and the phone, doesn't show on either one.

    I mostly looked like a bag lady for the first year! Hardly slept, didn't really even take time to eat, my hair was lucky if it saw a brush and so were my teeth. I was also often seen sporting vom on my clothes or hair.

    It was a VERY busy and tiring time!

  4. I also can't see the pics but I am sure they are awesome. I don't know how bad I looked cos there aren't many pics of me in those early days but I can only say it must've been way worse with twins ;)


  5. Sorry, cant see pics...but I am in year three and I am still looking terribe

  6. You are not the only ones. I think every parent looks like that in the first year. That's the worst year in parenthood for me so far ;)

  7. I looked terrible!!! I want to throw up when I see those pictures! Love that you're doing these projects!

  8. I'm loving the baby pics! We all should do flashback posts more often :)

  9. Thanks for the special mention! Glad I inspired you. We also looked really tired in our kids baby photos, probably because we really were!!!
    But my books are no-where near complete yet. It's an ongoing task for me. But I am determined to have it up to date before their 4th Birthday!

  10. Hahaha...the photos really worth coming back for - so cute!

  11. No, you didn't look terrible at least not in the picture in this post. But if K noticed, it must have been bad....

  12. I LOVE the pic of Connor. I think that everyone looks terrible in their first year of parenthood. I looked good after Joshua but that's because he slept through from 4 months. With Joel I looked terrible for a very, very long time. I think for the first two years AT LEAST!


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