Thursday, April 25, 2013

It feels like Friday but there's still one day to go

My brain is a bit all over the place and I can't focus enough to do work (of which there is plenty) or my weekly timesheet (ugh!) so let me get some stuff out here first.

One day I should make a list of things I'm obsessed with. On that list I'll have wet leaves and winter sunsets.

Oh man, I can't stop gasping at the beauty of sunsets.

A friend (a real friend, not just a facebook one :)) commented on one of my sunset pics this week and said, "nothing like an African sunset". Yes, please. I 100% agree. Nanny S laughed when I told her. He's lived here and now lives in England (Liverpool) so he knows the gorgeousness that is our sunsets.

Even in town driving home, the start of the sunset is just gorgeous - it paints the buildings with such a beautiful soft light. Mmmmmm.

a recent nap - I need to take more pics because who knows when the naps stop entirely - please note Connor's buddy, Friday.

I had my farewell today (from the old department) and it was wonderful. I've just sent them two pics to tide them over and in my thank-you mail, I said how it was just what I needed to recharge my soul. I took lots of pics - got my 5 faces for April :) :)

I'll show you some of those pics (not the faces) in a separate post.
don't you think she looks like a teenager on our bed?! Taken a few weeks ago, of course.
D and I are going to see Jersey Boys tomorrow night. When we went to that cooking class (I instagrammed a pic) last month, 4 of the people at our table were from the cast. And then a friend said he LOVED it (and he's not the gushing sort).... and then I read the reviews..... and then I told D to book tickets. This is our 18th wedding anniversary celebration for Monday.

this is a pic Connor took - he was being his usual bossy self which is why I'm smiling and if you scroll down a bit, you'll see me laugh too
Speaking of the weekend, now that project baby book is done, I need to get cracking on April photos. I haven't sorted pics since 6 April.....

Since emailing with MandyE, I've also decided I'm going to print all my favourites (so any odd pics of stones, wet leaves, doors, fire hydrants, sunsets, that beautiful campus) and put those in an album.

Almost like a coffee table book, but not :)

There is a lovely pic of stones (seriously) that I want to print and frame in our bedroom - the colours work very well there.

However, I'm going to wait a month or so because the baby book project cost me R915 just for the photos..... and they gave me a 33% discount (I paid R3 a pic instead of the standard R4,50)

This weekend I need to finish two books and read a third, and I probably still won't make my goal of 5 for the month. But let's see - maybe I'll make it now I've written it here....

Also, now that the baby book project is done, I can start party planning. Woohoo!

The kids' birthday is on a Sunday this year. We have church which is not negotiable - what do you think? Should I do it on the Saturday or squeeze it into a Sunday afternoon?

I may just do a project plan in excel...we document every last thing (EVERY THING) so I'm getting used to getting things down instead of keeping it all in my head.

And last but not least, my yellow chrysanthemums have all flowered. I bought two pots last year, they died, put them outside along the driveway and lo and behold, there are actual flowers!

These are my favourite flowers, by the way. They make me smile so big :)

And now, better do that timesheet.

How has your week been?
Have you seen Jersey Boys?

PS Lesley, how are you doing? :)
PPS Sam, your comments make me smile. You are such an encourager!


  1. My week has been so-so. Never heard of Jersey Boys before. Is it a movie or a play? I LOVE Sam's comments too! I would do the party on the Saturday and then do something fun with them on the Sunday after Church. Love the idea of a "coffee table" photo book. Do it!

  2. I love that you say that church is non negotiable. Which is absolutely the way it should be.
    I would do it on a Saturday but that's just me :)

  3. I would love to see Jersey boys but the trekking to Joburg at night....
    We have been to quite a few Sunday afternoon parties recently (and we had A's on a Sunday too) so if you want to it should be fine.

    You really sounds a bit stressed - I guess it is the change in work and work routine? And not having read your books is odd for you. Good luck - you can do it

  4. Week has been crazy busy! But good :)

    David actually asked me if I wanted to go see Jersey Boys - maybe when we are back from honeymoon if it is still on.

  5. We are seeing Jersey Boys on the 18th - cannot wait - the reviews have been amazing! Let us know what you think of it...

    Week has been busy but good - that said I am really glad it's FRIDAY and that the weekend is beckoning. I need it this weekend.

    PS - LOVE that photo of you laughing!


  6. Oh! Forgot to mention that this year we are doing Kade's party on a sunday afternoon - we'll see how it goes (not by choice venue messed up my booking made in JANUARY for the saturday rather annoyed about it all but anyway...)


  7. Lesley2:55 pm

    I saw Jersey Boys last year in the West End, it was a gift from my friend, we went together. He choose it because he'd heard it was good, unfortunately it was terrible, we both were bored stiff, couldn't wait for it to finish. Actually fell asleep at one point. Mamma Mia on the other hand was truly FANTASTIC!!

  8. OH I love love love that bedding of Connor's! And his buddy cuddles, so sweet!

    I've heard fabulous things about Jersey Boys- you guys will have a blast!

    Whenever you talk in Rands, I have no idea how much it is in US dollars.

    I've been on a reading kick again lately. I go in waves, and the last week or two I can't keep my nose out of my Kindle.

    My week has been rather productive, just yesterday alone I got several boxes unpacked, a bunch of photos hung, and did the giant utensil project. Wednesday I had a blogging event in Philly that I need to write up, Tuesday was Lili's birthday... I guess it's been a busy week!

    My mother in law arrives on Sunday for a visit (a week or so), so next week is shaping up to be busy as well, since I'll have to entertain.

  9. It's been a rough week around here...I must say I've really been looking forward to this weekend. This week at work, as part of my job, I had someone in tears after a QA session and rumour has it that one of the thorns in my side resigned yesterday. At home N and my mom had an issue last week and N tends to get quite histerical round her now and refuses to kiss her. They are off on a weeklong holiday so I'm hoping some absence will make all the relevant hearts grow fonder.

  10. My normal "Friday" spinning teacher taught the Wednesday class this week and it really threw me off. All day I felt like I was heading into the weekend!! :)

    Love these pictures. Especially ones of nap! I need to sneak in and get some of those!!!!


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