Saturday, April 13, 2013

Monthly photo challenge - BROWN

Here we go again.

This came up quickly for me too :)

Remember the rules: 
  • 5 pics only 
  • your interpretation of brown
  • link up
  • have fun :)
By the way, I'm actually having an awful day so would appreciate some prayers. Thank you :)

taken at a party we went to right after some disastrous kid pics and I needed at least some nice ones to make hauling my camera there feel worthwhile (do you do this too?)
All my pics except this last one were taken at the Pretoria Zoo. 

Link up your posts below.
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  1. Your brown leaves are GORGEOUS, Marcia!!!

  2. Are you okay? I like the leaf one...

  3. By the way, what's Iron Brew? Is it like Coke? Or maybe a dark ginger ale?

    We have something here...down in the deep south, actually...called Buffalo Rock. It's a really strong, dark ginger ale. I think it's an acquired taste, but I grew up drinking it at my great-aunt's house. The design on the can reminds me a bit of that.

  4. Love that little hand.

    Not sure where my March went, it's been a hard month.

    Hugs and Prayers. Hope your day gets better.

  5. Love the pictures. Praying for you and sending you lots of love. Trust all is ok

  6. I was almost missing the cold weather when I saw that leaf! But you can keep it, I'll take the warmth for a while!

    Hope your day has perked up! Keeping you in my thoughts!!

  7. Hope you are OK. You know how much I LOVE the leaves?

  8. Hi Marcia! So sorry things are rotten. You still managed to do a beautiful post :) Hope things look up! xoxo

  9. Hi, hope all is ok now.

    I like all the photos, especially the little hand.

  10. I thought that was the zoo's Codiak bear - they are lovely. Love love the leaf!


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