Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photowalk at my work

Gosh, I miss the campus now that I'm working in town.

People think I'm crazy but so be it; I make no apologies because I do work in a beautiful, beautiful environment.

as she was talking to me :)

hey, little friend

this is true elevating the ordinary :)
aaaaah, those columns, the patterns, the light!
texture, baby!
my beautiful view

So who wants to come do a photowalk with me one Saturday afternoon at my work?


  1. wow, beautiful. I also work in a (once) beautiful old building but nothing on that scale. Ours needs some serious work to bring it back to its former glory. At least they have kept one of the beautiful orginal stained glass windows, just reminder of how the building could look....

  2. Oh Marcia, I have said it before - wonderful surroundings. i would totally love to

  3. Gorgeous! Hahaha, I love the peacock just randomly stalking the couch. Birds are much sneakier than we give them credit for. ;-)

  4. Your city shots have been just as entertaining. You need to explore some more! As for the invite I'd love to if it were for this pesky ocean between us!

  5. Wow, that looks nothing like 'work' to me, it's beautiful!

  6. You truly do work in a beautiful environment. The view is stunning.

    A photowalk around there sounds very tempting...

  7. Gosh, your workplace is beautiful. I would NEVER be able to work in those surrounds. Lying in the sun during lunch time would be too tempting!


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