Friday, April 12, 2013

{Project 25 Recipes} Fish cakes, beef curry and sausage & corn pasta

So I've blogged 11 recipes so far.

This is 12. Sent to me by Julia one day, I made it the next (Good Friday) and it's a success!

Have I told you before I really wasn't ever domesticated... but I took Home Economics at school solely because I didn't want to do needlework. Anyway, the first thing we learned how to make in HE was fish cakes. But we used mashed potato which is even more delicious - I may try it to get some potato in Connor. He really doesn't eat any form of potato.

I just thought of something - I should try potato gnocci because pasta is his favourite ... and he might overlook the potato :)

Nevertheless, here is the recipe for fish cakes. I used tuna instead of pilchards.

I had some on wholewheat toast with sliced tomato for lunch... but for the main meal, I made a tomato sauce (the quickest way to get veggies into my body for Weigh-Less - canned tomato, herbs, salt, sugar) and we had them over rice with carrots on the side.

Laura, this is the blue casserole dish I bought at Mr P Home and mentioned on your blog

Delicious - highly recommend!

13. Beef curry

I just use all my Weigh-Less portions and multiply it by about 4.


100g onion
400 g can of tomato
100 g carrots
240 g or thereabouts beef strips
Curry, etc....
320 g lite coconut milk

makes 4 Weigh-Less serves = 1 protein, 1.5 veg, some fat serves

Serve with complex carbs portions of your choice - for me, that's 140 g rice.

14. And last but not least, the sausage and corn pasta

This was a throw it together meal, which I specialise in.

Huge hit with all family members especially Connor. We had some on Easter Sunday for lunch and then Monday supper.

An exchange with Connor:

Mummy, please keep some of this food for our supper tomorrow. (this would be the 3rd time for him)

Baby, what about our supper?

You mean if the parents have supper there won't be anymore left? (this is how he speaks "the parents")


Oh... oh no. He looked very disappointed.

Of course, D and I "sacrificed" our supper and had something else so that Connor could have one more day of the pasta :)

Really, it was just a creamy pasta with 2 carrot cubes (shhh, don't tell them), I cut up some cooked chicken sausage from Woolworths and added about a cup of frozen sweetcorn. Salt, pepper, some chili flakes after the kids' portions were served.

Clearly they liked the combination of chicken sausage and sweetcorn?

Try it and tell me if your household also likes it.

What have you cooked up recently?

PS There's a nice lemon bread I pinned recently that I'm waiting to try... look on my sidebar --------->


  1. SO glad you loved that recipe. Your fish cakes look DIVINE. My kids LOVE sweetcorn and I tend to use it often, even just to fill up the pot. I have made NOTHING lately. But, now that I have started 2013 in April I am slowly becoming inspired again. Watch this space.

  2. Am going to have to try that sausage and corn pasta now. Sounds delicious!

  3. One of your babies actually doesn't eat something?! ;-)
    Nicola won't have anything to do with eggs. It's trickier than you might think...for instance right now I really want french toast. Not happening. *sigh*

  4. I can't get fish cakes right! Going to try these ones.

    I don't understand how Connor can't like potato - lol - I could eat potato all day every day :)

    I have 2 recipes next week to share from my McCains PR thingy!

  5. Nothing cooked here. Oh Connor is too funny. Glad the parents made sure he had what sounds like must be one of his fave meals! BTW he'll fit right in with Y's family- that's how they talk about their parents


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