Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project Life - March 2013

Cat asked how many sheets/ photos I do for Project Life every month.

It depends...

Don't you hate it when people say that?

Well, I'm using the Rain mini album (it is the PERFECT shade of sea-green in my opinion) and all the mini albums have place for 80 pics and 80 3 X 4 cards.

I like the uncluttered approach so I'm not going to use those 3 X 4 card slots for more pics, unless it becomes necessary.

My reasoning is that if I could choose 1 pic a month plus 1 of me and the kids last year, then I can certainly work within this framework.

If you're working all that out, it comes to just over 6 pics per month. I've already exceeded that for Jan and Feb, so decided to stick to 6 for March.

Winter months are always slow because we like to hibernate - really the only thing that kept me taking pics last year was Superhero Photo and Elevate the Ordinary, so those will help too.

Nevertheless, these are the pics that made the cut for March :)

C & K at a party

all of us at the zoo
M & D at our friends' house after the Irene Market
my favourite pics of the month... in a collage
Me and the kids, also in a collage
my little monkeys
That pretty much sums up the month so I'm happy :)

Parties, 3-year-old silliness, socials and lots of photos practising that low f-stop with my new lens.

Which words describe your March?


  1. Lovely selection!

  2. SO I am interested to know if you ever use the big 10x15 cards? Would you use one in stead of a photo or one with a journalling size photo?

    I love the pictures so much! (The zoo one is my fav) and totally love the collages

    1. I do, but not for my Project Life (except for the first page :)) - I use it for organising :) And making lists!

  3. We also like to hibernate in the Winter but I promised myself that this year it won't happen. We are looking into activities we can do as a family over weekends throughout the Winter. It will make Winter hopefully go by faster :)

    1. Good idea to get you out of the house!

  4. Adore the u and the babies collage :)


  5. The project life thing- is it digital or is it in actual albums? I don't get it.


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