Tuesday, April 02, 2013

{Superhero Photo} Curiosity and movement, the 2013 version

So you'll all seen two of these pics but I want all my curiosity and movement ones in one place.

I can see a VAST difference from last year (as in the photos are better) so this is good to do these sorts of challenges every now and again.

I have challenged myself a lot though but I could always do better.

How do I know that?

Downloaded 204 "getting out of my comfort zone" photos, only kept 60.

That's because I'm playing and all experiments don't always work out like you want. Life lesson right there :)

Nevertheless, enjoy :)


My favourite pic is the one of Connor's legs at the zoo. I even love his wrinkled little shorts. OH MAN, my babies are growing up and I love capturing the details.

Which is your favourite?
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  1. love the single foot on the orange beam. so fun contextually!!! :)

  2. Oh D's hands - a lot of character in that one. But truly, I also totally love all the litttle,legs and feet

  3. I like this close up photography too. I have an album on Facebook where I did this type of photography when hubby built his Titanic model.
    I love the one of the twins standing in their boots :)

  4. Lots of feet photos I see... ;-)
    I like the one with the wellies.

  5. Love the rainboots!

  6. I have a thing for hands...so it is the one of D's hands.


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