Saturday, April 27, 2013

{Superhero Photo} Treasures

I remember these assignments last year and how absolutely chuffed (do you say chuffed?) I was when I got some gorgeous background blur.

I always thought you had to be really clever to do that so it felt AWESOME when I was able to create the same effect.

Here are some of my favourite recent pics with a low f-stop.

place setting at my friend's house
I never get tired of taking pics of the babies' hands
such a boy!
my lovely brown leaf!
strelitzia? (Louisa?) at the zoo (everybody is all "aaaah, look at the _____" and I'm "oh man, look at that gorgeous blur")
fire hydrant for MandyE (I'm obsessed!)
pic at a party
This next set is part of the treasure hunt - the prompt was white on white.

By the way, the things I'm holding are golf clubs the kids made at school. Aren't they cute?


Did you have a good Freedom Day?


  1. on! :-) Am I your what's that flower person? *grin* I like that a lot.

    My favourites are the first two.

  2. Lesley6:42 pm

    When i saw the first picture of the white stuff i thought it was a lump of Feta cheese and thought 'yum yum' : ) - so i have to choose that one as my favourite because I'm a greedy person and it made me think of food, lol.

    I was in the U.K last week and had a good catch up with my friends and had a lovely visit with my mum and dad. Nice to be back again now though.

    P.S. I say chuffed : ) xx

  3. Love the strelitzia pic and the fire hydrant pic. Both are gorgeous. I also thought the first white on white pic was a cube of feta ;)


  4. Yay for fire hydrants! ;) I will surprise you with one, one of these days. Hahaha!

  5. I love the baby hands too :)


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