Friday, April 05, 2013

The baby book project begins.... nearly 4 years late

So. I had this bright idea to make baby books for the kids.

It all started when I saw REALLY cute baby books at a Christian bookshop. They were on sale, they were cute and they only took 50 pics each.

I thought, "I can do that! That's only 4 pics a month" which in retrospect, are some famous last words.

I had a bit of a bee in my bonnet around the end of the year (as one does if you have annual lists) and started the process of choosing pictures. After looking through the birth month, I was totally drained. I then picked another random month (month 8) and while that was a bit better, I really just hated the project.

When I met up with Louisa and Jeanette in January for our photowalk in the Jhb CBD, I told them about this craziness and they both said to just let it go if I wasn't feeling it.

However, me + cute stationery = ISSUES!


With me being all up to date project-wise, I organised (decluttered and tidied) my study recently and found the cute baby book albums.

And so they once again went onto my to-do list.

For one of my April goals, I put "3 hours on baby book project" thinking that if I really focus, I can get it all done this month.

Choose pics, print, put in book.

How hard can it be?

This week my goal was one hour. Last night after chatting to Beth, I thought I'd do my one hour quickly.

Well friends, quick it was not. THREE hours later and I still don't have the 50 pics per child!

However, this is what I managed to do:
  • chose 12 pics for each child for the 12-month photo frames (don't buy those things - they are a big mission)
  • finally put the Pr.att pics (first photo shoot - do you remember the hot pink and lime-green blog I used to have with the black clothing pics in the header?) in a little album
  • went through about half the first year "starring" pics in Picasa
I've been thinking about why this is such a mission for me- I'm usually such a get things done person:
  1. my photos are terrible compared to now and my photo organisation was a bit OTT so it's a real mission to go into each little folder. This is called over-organising.
  2. small babies have never been my favourite kind of kids (except for sleeping babies!), not even my own!
  3. D and I look terrible in most of the pics. I think this is shocking to me because somehow we functioned well enough in life to kind-of have a life. We went to work, we took care of the babies, etc. And yet the pics tell the story - we really do not look our best. Now that we're past that stage, I can see better how we looked!
And so I really want to rush through this process and really get it done. I'm tired of dwelling on that first year.


Today I got home and printed the 24 little pics. I tried to line them up to show through the little frames and it's driving me nuts (remember I don't have patience for fiddly things). But after I press publish, I'm going to try another way and hopefully those two photo frames will be DONE tonight.

Then I'm going to count up the pics and see if there are 50 or if I need to add some - truly there really are terrible pics from the first year so if I get 50 I love, it will be a miracle.

Do you have baby books for your kids? Do you intend to do them?

Do you think I'm mad? (I do!)


  1. Oy lady. You are VERY mad! Project Life and baby books and a long list of goals? I have no words. I don't have baby books. As you know, I simply do not have the attention span (or the patience) for that kind of thing. I am extremely envious of people who can do it and follow through on it. God has given me other gifts. I'm rather capitalising on those ones. reading this post through Feedly. It displays the entire blog post (not yours) and this THRILLS me! It's all about the little things...

  2. I just saw your photo projects on FB and they are way are doing extremely well.

  3. I do have a baby book (empty of course)...I'm not even getting stressed about that now. I'll have it done before she moves out one day. ;-)

  4. I started a baby book for Little OL, just like I started a pregnancy journal.... I also have thing for cute stationery but besides writing about 3 pages with added pics I did not get much further

  5. Loved your frames on FB. My first child has one of those baby books done with dates etc completed. The twins have the same books but of course, nothing doen to them by the start of this year. Then I saw on C's term planner that they have to bring their baby books in March so I in one week did both theirs. All photos in, but lots of writing still to happen.

  6. Cameron has a proper baby album/book - it is actually very cute - has prompts for stuff, dividers etc.

    They all have scrapbooking albums though from when they were newborns.

  7. Baby books are my nemesis. I bought two for E. I filled them out for the most part- maybe 65% worth?
    Then B was born and I bought a coordinating one to one of the ones that E had and filled it out maybe 25%.
    O got a matching one too, and maybe filled it out 10-15%.
    I bought an entirely different kind for Lili, and never took it out of the package. None for any of the rest of the kids.

  8. I have cute baby books which I bought when the twins were still in ICU. They are NOT up to day though although it is permanently on my "to do list". I have just done their 2nd Birthday. I am determined to get them up to date by the time they turn 4 though!


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