Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The teacher had to phone to remind me & 4 new recipes for {Project 25 recipes}

I'm not going to lie - I've been less than my usual organised self in the other areas of my life for the last 3 weeks.

I didn't return a form plus money that was due on Monday... so today Teacher C phoned me just to remind me that my kids are the bakers on Thursday.

What this means is that each of them has to take 12 cupcakes to school so the other kids can buy them....

Yes, makes no sense to me too. But over here I focus on the big picture.

I'd planned to just pay to get the school baker to do ours but I suddenly got a bee in my bonnet.

I asked Connor (mistake - he is ALWAYS game for anything food) if we should bake cupcakes tomorrow and of course he said YESSSSSS.

He was quite specific - they need to be banana cupcakes - but I told him I don't have bananas so we'll have to use whatever's in the pantry.

And so I've been Pinteresting (like googling, but on Pinterest).

I think I'm going to make some vanilla cupcakes with a peppermint crisp pudding "frosting" - let's see how that turns out. If it's a flop, I'm dashing to Pick and Pay for some of their cupcakes.

Hopefully there'll be time to take some pics tomorrow but don't hold your breath, I usually have no patience for pics while cooking and baking.


Speaking of Pinterest, Project 25 recipes is going swimmingly.

This month I made 3 new things so am now up to 17.

Recipe post 1
Recipe post 2
Recipe post 3

15. Cinnamon roll in a mug

I love any "in a mug" recipes because it makes the perfect amount of cake for two (with two kids having a forkful each) and there's nothing left to tempt you the next day.

This one needed an extra 30 seconds to cook in my 1000 W microwave but I suggest checking every 15 seconds with a toothpick.

Was delicious but I preferred the other mug recipes I've tried.

I want to try a mac and cheese in a mug and a meatloaf in a mug - sounds perfect for lunches in winter, right?

16. Kidney bean burritos 

Well, I made my normal kidney bean sauce. 
Onions, garlic, coriander, some red chilli flakes, salt, pepper, SUGAR, at least 2 cans of tomato, about 200 - 300 g kidney beans. Cook together for about 20 - 30 minutes.

I portion these out usually and have on pasta or baked potatoes for lazy nights - the latest batch was DELICIOUS. I put lots of garlic (for immunity in winter). 

I'll have to make another batch on the weekend because the last batch I made about 3 weeks ago is now done :(

Back to the burritos.

I put the sauce in wraps, rolled them up, added cheese and baked them. The kids weren't fans but D and I loved them. In fact, we still have two in the freezer so we can have those tomorrow.

(I don't fuss with the kids - all I said was "yippee, more for Daddy and me!")

17. Korean Beef

HUGE hit. Thanks again, April.

I added the broccoli into the dish after partially cooking it in the microwave. When the kids saw the broccoli mixed in, they said they don't want it.

Again, WOOHOO - more for Daddy and me :)

Next time I'll have to use two broccoli cubes ;)

18.  Jamie Oliver's flatbread

(with a Marcia twist)

I just added 150 g spinach. That's a lot (just weigh it) but Nanny S slices it nice and fine so I could add to the dough easily.


And the recipe makes a TON!

(I hid some in the freezer :))

So tell me, are you getting hungry??? :)

Who has a lovely, EASY recipe for me to try in May?


  1. Would love the Korean beef recipe? At least you are baking. I just go and buy! Also, if you are going to bake then I would go for the most basic of frostings. The peppermint pudding topping thing sounds very complicated to me. Will see if I can find something easy for you.

  2. so glad you liked the korean beef. we make it once a week at our house right now.

    b has been doing most of the baking at our house :) he makes amazing cupcakes, but then the entire kitchen is a huge MESS!!!

    can't wait to hear how they come out. (and i think that you should consider doing banana ones within the next few weeks! :)

  3. Lesley10:24 am

    I loved what you said about not understanding the sense of your kids baking cakes so that the others can buy them - made me laugh. Totally understood where you were coming from.

    I am stealing your recipes for the sauce (always looking for easy veggie meals) and the flat breads (that can be my bread this month - see what i did there?) ; )

    I will have a think about an easy recipe i can send you, but got to run know cos on my way out to a meeting about our churches children's cookery camp we do in the summer.
    Thinking of that sauce now though, got to do it soon. x

  4. I'm so glad to see you're doing so well with your recipe goal, even amid the crazy in your schedule right now. I hope it's a bit of solace for you. :) :)

    And bravo for homemade cupcakes! I love how you get K&C involved in the kitchen.

  5. One of my favorite new recipes is Oven Chicken Fajitas. They are easy and SOOO good, even leftover. Here's the link: http://budgetbytes.blogspot.com/2013/02/oven-fajitas-778-recipe-195-serving.html

    I need to post on the next set of new recipes I have tried too. I'm glad you inspired me to keep track of that this year! : )

  6. O I am so not getting to new recipies! I really need to make a point of it.Am so going to try that Korean beef one (and some of your others I found on Pinterest)

  7. Now I want meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. YUM.

  8. All of that sounds delicious!

    I'm very lucky that Nicola absolutely LOVES broccoli. Seriously, you could fill a plate with just broccoli in front of her and she'd hoover it all - but se's a purist. No sauce allowed, she wants it just like that. I usually just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes with butter and salt and water and that's how we have it (I say we, but if I want any I have to be quick about it because once she's cleared her plate she'll start eating mine too!).


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