Sunday, May 19, 2013

A million things in 4 days

Since the presentation, I feel like I've got a million things done in the last 4 days.

Work stuff that's been hanging over my head plus life admin.

And it feels great with a capital G.

My hair's cut, the gate's fixed, I've bought Kendra's dance things, gone to gym twice and organised about 10 different spaces in my house. No joke.

all iphone pics from May

  1. view from my bed
  2. Kendra's shoes
  3. Sunset at the Lion and Rhino park
  4. Alice with the dark hair
  5. Typical Jhb in winter (pic taken at my gym)
  6. Leaving work
  7. Getting my craft on with some lovely tape from Lesley
  8. Church
  9. Trying to take a self-portrait with the iphone at gym
  10. Kids in leaves
  11. Hillbrow
  12. Kendra with camera
  13. Somewhere on the edges of town
  14. Connor with new pjs
  15. Colleague's coke can 
  16. Sunset.... ah :)
Is this excessive? I've taken 1400 pics in 7.5 months, just on my iphone!

Anyway, I still have about two hours of work left for tonight - my own stuff (blogging on the other blog and so on) so let me get to it.

This week is a "normal" week in the team but still moderate pressure for me since I don't know what I'm doing.

I have a deadline to get something out by Thursday so if I'm not too active commenting, you know why.

However, I have a lunch date on Tuesday with Louisa and I couldn't be happier :) :)

What are you looking forward to this week? Do you like me putting up iphone pics?

I realised I (almost) never put any iphone pics on the blog and I have a couple of really nice ones. I limit myself to one on Facebook a day and 3 on Instagram but there are tons more.

PS I totally missed our May photo challenge


  1. iPhoneography is completely acceptable! Why do you limit yourself? Now I worry I may be inundating people with photos.

    Hooray for getting things done! Hope your weeks sails smoothly.

  2. Love the iphone photos. Is it not amazing how things grind to a standstill if one has work pressure?

  3. I am looking forward to getting back into our routine and especially gym :)

    I like iPhone photos - they represent "impulsive/everyday" shots more than camera ones do - does that make sense?

  4. Yay! Can't wait to see you tomorrow. :-)

    I never think any amount of photos is excessive at all. If it wasn't for phone photos I'd post no photos whatsoever.

  5. Love the IPhoto's! I take 98% of our photo's on my phone. MUST have my camera out more often but Cliff is PARANOID about the lens's and it getting lost/stolen.

  6. I use my camera a lot for photos. It is at hand when you need it.

  7. I use my phone more than my camera for photos lately
    Don't limit yourself, I like seeing pics!

  8. I was so impressed when Cat showed me the awesome pics she took with her iphone...and I love it that I can take awesome pics with my new Samsung S4.


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