Wednesday, May 08, 2013

An atypical photo post from a visit to the Pretoria Zoo

Sorry guys, you've seen some of these pics before but I want all my favourites from the zoo in one place.

I know other people take pics of the animals. Me, not so much :)

blue :)


  1. Love Love Love the pictures. I'm also not big on animals, though if I see something that looks quirky or interesting then I'll take a picture of it but I'm sure like you I'll probably take more pictures of people and the scenery than the animals!!!

    What startled K in the third picture, her expression is priceless :)

    1. I think she was looking at the elephants being messy in the mud :)

  2. LOVE the arms around D's neck and the one of K pulling her shirt out...gorgeous!!!

    I take pictures of the animals here and there, as the girls like to look at them...but especially lately I'm all about trying to capture those little bits! ;)

  3. I love K in her cute little pink dress :)

  4. OK, I thought I commented! Love the closeup of your daughter's face - she looks a lot like you. Also love the one of your hubby and kids.

    Looks like it was a gorgeous day, too!

  5. Love them - and yes, the city is quite spectacular from there

  6. Love the photos of the animals. You know me, I am one of those who rather take photos of nature :)

  7. Gorgeous pics! I said it before, I'll say it again I LOVE the fire hydrant pic. Also the expression on K's face in the 3rd pic is CLASSIC...


  8. My favourites are the top one of Kendra, the one of you and the little hand one. :-)

  9. My favourites are the top one of Kendra, the one of you and the little hand one. :-)


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