Thursday, May 02, 2013

April recap and the plan for May

Well now, April has been such a whirlwind I'm surprised I got anything done on my list.

Especially since I felt like I was (and still am) teetering on the edge for 3 weeks of the month.

This is what my April goal setting and goal-getting process looked like:

piles of physical photos, albums, STUFF all over my desk and the study. And photos on my hard drive that only I only got to this weekend and then last night. One more folder of my Superhero photos to go through then I'm done for April.

To be 100% honest, the pile of albums (6 all in all) plus the two baby frames are still on the ottoman in my study.

I'm waiting for the babies to look through their entire first years (they ask too many questions so it takes a LONG time) and then I'll pack them away.

If you come visit me and want to see them, please remind me...

see? editing plus all the physical stuff too
indeed! And I couldn't be happier!
And now it's May. I'm getting tiny glimpses of things letting up just a tad in terms of intensity at work but I have two weeks of this phase to still get through.

By the way, city driving is KILLING me. Today I "broke loose" and took another way in after sitting in traffic for 30 minutes and still being 10 minutes away. I'll have to refine another route because it's MADNESS! I live 8 km away - how can it take me 40 minutes to get there?!

Moving on....

for May I'm also going to "break loose" and only reach for 20 goals.

God and ministry
  1. Get back to cell group after the crazy is over at work
  2. Read Bible for 5 minutes a day
  3. Decide and communicate my decision on the ministry

Health and fitness
  1. Get to Weigh-Less every Saturday and lose another 2 kg (I'm half way to my goal now)
  2. Gym 10 out of 13 times

  1. Three dates with D
  2. Post to K & C blog 10 times
  3. Go out to eat at least twice
  4. Party - guest list and book venue

Socials (at least three of these)

  1. Heather, Phoebe and Tom
  2. S & J
  3. L & C
  4. Roz
  5. Robynne
  6. Louisa

Finish my section of this phase work with excellence

  1. Blog design
  2. Relook organise your home

  1. Project Life for April
  2. Three hours on second year of babies' life photos (while there's momentum!) If I get it done, print and put in album.
  3. Read 5 books, 2 physical
  4. Two recipes
  5. Finish writing Superhero posts and start my "weird but pretty pictures to print" folder
Wow, that was hard keeping it to 20 but let's see how quickly I get those out :)

What's on your list for May?

PS the last three pics were taken on 5 May last year - we'd just waved off our friends from a lunch social and so we faffed around in the street :) Please notice my BABIES!!! :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS for halfway to your Weigh-Less goal, Marcia!!! That's HUGE!!!

    After my confession to you a couple of days ago, I've written my to-do's in my planner. :) Feeling better! ;)

  2. You did A LOT in April. And well done with your weight loss!

    My April was OK. Not that good but not that bad either. There were many, many distractions but I think that the worst is over and so it will get easier now. Hopefully. Is it bad that I only have socialising goals for May?
    I still need to sit with some other stuff but I think that my main goal will be getting through those two weeks in that school for Joel and helping Joshua to settle with the new teacher.

    Was about to blog now. I think I'll just go to bed with my book instead. Am such a lazy bum sometimes...

  3. Ok, what are those pretty printables in the first pictures? I think I need to do goals again but yours are fantastic.good on the weight loss . I did a lot of organizing and decluttering in April.

  4. I'm sure you'll achieve those 20 goals in no time at all ;)

    Here's to a GREAT May


  5. :) congrats on weigh-less. that's totally awesome. you're rad (how much more can i sound like a west coast american from the early 1980s!). and my kids LOVE looking at the photo books from when they were young. they love the progression of seeing their growth over the years, too. i can just imagine the questions that C and K ask! super cute.

    this month I plan to submit a manuscript for publication, learn how to ride a bike (just blogged on this), schedule an official date with B, and do spring pick up in the yard! :)

  6. I don't know how you do it. How you don't get totally overwhelmed with all your goals. It scares me ;-)

    Those photos of your two are so sweet...would love to meet them in real life. (you too of course)

  7. Your babies are adorable! :-)

    Hahaha @ your 8km woes. I live 20km away and it sometimes take me an hour and a half to get to town! A new route is always a good idea. i changed mine last year August and I am now rarely taking longer than an hour. I could change it a bit more to get to 40 minutes but the alternative is a road I don't like to be on, so for now it stays as is.

  8. Well done with you goal in losing weight. What I admire most is how you manage your time perfectly. Everything is balanced and goes out well. I wish I was as same as you. While reading your post, I find you to be a cheerful person. Hope you could share more of your recipes.


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