Friday, May 03, 2013

{Friendship Friday} the friend who knows me longer than D :)

I've told you before how I'm a J which means I really like to have a plan and a date set in stone and not just "let's see how it works out next month".

My friend is not like that :)

She was all "oh let's see how it goes" and I said, "no, that's nonsense. Let's set a date even if in two month's time".

It did end up being in just over two months but at least it was set and we did it :)

That is the part I love - having the plan set. It makes me feel safe and secure :) :)

Anyway,  this is my friend who was placed next to me in the Chem Lab at university because our surnames were next to each other on the Chem 1 class list.

I now know her 21 years!!!!

i love this pic so much!

D asked me as we were driving home how it feels to still be in contact after all these years.

I said it is LOVELY to have such an "old" friend and yet sad too that we don't see each other as often as both of us would like due to life!

Then again, I said, it's quite rare to have gone to university at one end of the country and both now live within an hour of each other when this is the other side of the world to where I grew up. So that is lovely!

Anyway, I'm already planning our next visit as any self-respecting J would do.

We had tons of fun - the kids all got on and played nicely, both of us like both her and her husband, and they're both good conversationalists (i.e. they also ask us about our lives!)

I decided that whenever I want pics of the kids, D has to hold them and tickle them. It's produced the MOST gorgeous pics of the kids on so many occasions now so why mess with a no-fail formula?

 About that sticker on Connor's forehead... when he comes to Weigh-Less with me, the WL leader gives him a sticker and he puts it on his forehead.

I'm sure you all heard the wailing when I tried to take it off the first week? :) So now I leave it.

And then a few other pics of the day...

I must have cute little pots like these!
Connor thought he was in heaven getting such a big bowl!

my start as a family photographer :) HA!
the two of us - I was wearing flat takkies and she had on a heel so our height differences were accentuated
and how can I end a post in winter without a pic of a beautiful sunset in Centurion?!
So, are you a J or a P? 
How long have you known your oldest friend?


  1. OMW, Kendra looks so big in the last picture of her. And yes I also wouldn't mess with a recipe that works, the pictures of the kids with their dad giggling - too cute and lovely.

    I've known my oldest friends since I was 5 years old and we are still friends till date (we were all neighbours about 5 of us and we all still chat regularly till date) and another friend since grade 3 and that was 27 years ago! We never lost contact through high school, university, law school and as fate will have it we worked for the same organisation for a year. She was at my wedding 8 yrs ago and I was at hers 5 years ago. Just last month she was in SA visiting with her hubby and kids and we got to spend some quality time together for a week. BLISS! Now I feel so old, but can you tell friendship means a lot to me :)

  2. She's beautiful. I have known my oldest friend since I was 8. We did a stint at primary school together and part of High School too. She moved countries. We kept in contact - sporadically - mostly via FB chats. She's back. We chat ALL THE TIME. It's like we never stopped. She lives up North. I'm in the South. I am a P but when the occasion demands it and when I recognise that I need to be intentional about something then I go J - I guess I am about 15% J.

  3. Lesley11:48 pm

    I have known my oldest friend for 42 years! We met when i was 2, and wandered down the path to his garden. We are so different, but he is an integral part of my life, more like a brother. We have another friend who i have know since i was 7, and we are friends together.In fact she sent me a d.v.d today as a little surprise - ahh, so lovely.She also is like family to me. We all grew up in the same area, even though i went to a different secondary school to them. They live 5 minutes walk away from each other, as did i when i lived there. We see each other a good few times a year now and we text, phone and F.B each other.
    Lovely photo of you and your friend.

  4. Are we getting more adventurous in our editing Miss Marcia?? I love it!!
    My oldest friend, that is tough. I have had Anna for 22 years and Jenn for 24. However Jenn is a FB friend now. Then there is my BFF, who I have only known for15 years but we know each other inside and out.

    Here I'm very much a J, but only because I don't want to be harassed about what should have happened or pestered to my wits end about picking. If someone pulls the "lets see" card I just consider it a polite pass. I'm far too lazy and too much of a hermit to chase a date!

  5. I think it's fantastic you have stayed in such great touch with each other! There's something about having a friend who's known you for so long. Alison doesn't pre-date J, but I've known her since college, since before I got married. That's definitely a huge chunk of my will be 15 years in August! :)

    Your pictures are fantastic!!! I really love the B&W of K, and the one under it of C and D. That one reminds me of Superman...the colors and the pose. :)

    Happy Weekend, Marcia! It's RAINING cats and dogs here...and is supposed to continue through Sunday...but at least the girls are NAPPING!!! ;) I hope you're resting up a bit, mind, body, and soul. Love to you!

  6. LOVE these pics! my oldest (and best) friend is H. we met when we were 13! we've had various stages of friendship over the years, but became true best friends as adults. she is actually married to B's best friend and they are who we call our "chosen family" :) other than that? i think that i have several friends that are old...but nothing that is that deep.


  7. Such gorgeous pics- you really could try your hand at family photography, you have a knack for capturing people so they look not only good, but unposed and real as well :)

  8. The tickle photos are great!
    I am a P. ;-)
    My oldest friend is from grade 1. I do have some people from nursery school that i still keep more or less in touch with but I don't consider them close friends.

  9. Love the photo's! U take such divine shots.

    I'm a P mostly but can sometimes be a J too.

    My oldest friend? We met in Std 6 and are still friends today... so we've been friends for 22 years. She and her family live in Dubai now but thankfully her sisters live in JHB so I get to see her at least once a year. I miss her all the time, and am so grateful that our friendship is one where we don't need to talk everyday to maintain that connection. When we see each other or chat on the phone is it like ABSOLUTELY no time has passed at all. Love her dearly.


  10. Oh I love this! Totally. It's so sad my friend of 26 odd years is now on the other side of the world


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