Friday, May 10, 2013

{Friendship Friday} Winter weather and a lovely Thai curry

I had another post planned... because I mostly like to keep things in date order... but since Laura is still on honeymoon and there are pics of her in that post, I'll hold it over til next week.

So, we had this great idea to braai (have a barbeque) but this particular day was FREEZING. Come to think of it, the first time Caren introduced me to Westpack it was also SUPER freezing. It was June though so what's the deal with this freezing weather in April? And more importantly, is there something about plans with Caren that makes the weather so cold? :)

Anyway, Caren's hubby made my favourite Thai dish, Mussaman curry, and it was DELICIOUS!

The company was also great and remember seeing Caren's baby books inspired me to push through and get mine done! Also the kids got along great. Despite my very serious children in the photos, they actually had a ball. Roz and I always say Caren's house is like a play area because there's such a lot of stuff that the kids go wild about.

my standard, "no nice photos, no pudding" :)
I love her expression so much!
she looks so triumphant, doesn't she?
no lipstick... so it had to go black and white
I then put on just a bit
a dad and his boy!
and another dad and his girl
just relaxing
I can't believe how quickly the kids are growing. She looks like a proper girl here - no more trace of baby
"who had a biscuit?"
"I had two"
Hugs for his mother
I love star charts. Please note number 5 - I think all the boys have this item on their lists because Connor has it too :)
Caren, thanks again for a wonderful time.

The light in Caren's house is GORGEOUS and I'm very jealous that she can actually get good pics, even inside.

Are you keeping up with friend dates even when the weather is super cold? Or do you hibernate?


  1. It's May... ;-)

    I do, unless we end up sick - the I try to reschedule. It's just not fun to drag either myself of N around when we feel like crap.

    Love that b&w one by the way - so pretty!

  2. Thanks for the lovely post and beautiful photos! We had a great time too! Yes what is it with us a freezing weather?

  3. We are very fortunate to have a large indoor braai and entertainment room so it is actually nicer for us to enterain in winter. The room gets too hot in summer.

  4. Ugh, friend dates are the first to go, sadly. And I miss them. I'm usually the planner/scheduler so I find if I don't take the initiative, then we just don't do it :(

    LOVE all the photos. Your kids are so adorable!!!

  5. I mostly keep up. But I don't go out at night. Because then I REALLY want to be in my bed with Rose. I am just old like that.


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