Monday, May 13, 2013

How I spent (most of) my mother's day

I'm not telling you about the other part because that wasn't so great but will someone please remind me to make my expectations very clear next year? Plus, I don't want to hear it if you had a super wonderful day, okay?

Thank you, MandyE, for checking on me. I bet no-one else noticed my absence from the blog.

Doesn't this look very African?
my two cutie patooties
Heather and me
an animal! What do you know?!
this is my favourite pic - I just love the colour of the grasses. Mmmm
a really nice pic of the 4 of us. Pic by Phoebe :)
I'm too tired to write properly so when I post more pics, I'll do that. We were exhausted when we got back home. We literally threw the kids in the bath, gave them a quick supper and put them to bed. No reading, just praying and sleep.

Even I went to bed at 9 (unheard of) so I had to wake at 6 to prepare a bit for the day (kids' clothes, my lunch, etc.)

Work is still crazy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Wed is our presentation and then I can finally relax. I can't WAIT!

How are you doing?


  1. I'm usually a few days behind on blog reading, so I just today realized you had missed a few days with posting. Hope everything is going okay!

    I love all the pictures! I'm sure you and Heather had a blast. : )

  2. Of course I realised you've been quiet! I thought that you may have not had time or energy to blog with your new hectic work schedule?

    Are you okay?

  3. Anonymous6:35 am

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  4. Sorry to hear that you are still so busy at work.

  5. I hope work eases up for you! I didn't have any expectations for Mother's Day, I don't usually. Then I'm pleasantly surprised when something good happens LOL

  6. I was very clear this year. Sometimes you have to be. Don't read my post b/c I had a terrific day. I'm really sorry you didn't...there's always next year, right?

    Also, those pictures are fantastic...I love every single one of them. Beautiful!

  7. Love the pic of the grass - yes it's my favourite too!

    Sorry you had a 'kakkish' day.

    I spent mine driving to Natal sans kids - not ideal but i did get to snooze a bit, which is a good Mother's Day treat right?


  8. These pictures are beautiful. I love every single one of them. I did notice that you hadn't blogged and I thought that you were busy. Is everything OK?

  9. Yoh... was that a tiny bit of self pity I detected there? Not like you at all Marce... work taking it's toll? Try take a little step back if you can and gain your grounding again. Thinking of you and noticing when you don't post with your usual alacrity... ;)


  10. Oh you know, expectations are just the worst. Love the shot of the 4 of you and the grasses.

    You were as quiet as I am- hope the presentation goes well.


  11. Sorry skat, I am just catching up with my blog reader TODAY! xxx

  12. Love that last picture, Marcia! I'm sorry at least part of your day was disappointing, but I'm glad you were able to find some beautiful bright spots, despite that.

    I hope your presentation has gone well today...and that you finally get a chance to RELAX soon!!! Sending you hugs, Marcia Lou!


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