Sunday, May 05, 2013

How to bring back your lost lo.ver

Well, it's been a great weekend. This is how I can tell - a to-do list that's not done :)

This pic was taken yesterday afternoon so since then I've been to church, have seen Heather and I'm about 85% through with my book (not on the list).

the colours in the pic were terrible so I then make them black and white :)

I haven't even opened my laptop bag which will bite me in the bum tomorrow but it is what it is.

On that subject, I must tell you - God is sooooo good. I told you how I could feel your prayers and then on Friday we had a little strat session and a lot of my concerns were already on the brown paper (!) raised by other team members. That thrilled me to no end....

Also, I realised that since this team was formed 2.5 years ago, I'm the only person recruited from within the company so no wonder I feel so cut off - these people don't have the background of the company culture.

Anyway, feeling optimistic. But this week is going to be long and we've been warned there are at least two days of working late.

I was about to delete this pic when I realised something - do you see the Peanuts calendar on the top right of the photo?

See the date? 17 April - that's the last time I was up to date with my study..... so once I press publish I need to tidy and organise this place.

The children LOVE going for walks with us so we've started bribing them - "if you go to sleep nicely, we'll take a walk when you wake up" :)

Yesterday on the way to gym, I was oohing and ahing about all the beautiful leaves as I do and I said to Connor, "you know what I'd love to do? have you and Kendra lie in some leaves and then I'll take some photos".

He couldn't quite wrap his head around that but then at supper last night, he goes, "Mummy! We forgot to go take photos of the leaves" so that was our main priority today.

And look - it was a huge success.

don't you love his expression?!

The kids weren't quite sure at first but when they saw I was cool about it and not banging on about their clothes and such, they had a BALL!

And just for kicks, here's something that made me smile :)

 And last but not least, a pic by Connor of me.

How was your weekend?

And now I'm off to tidy the study!


  1. i have biked (outside!!!), gone to the gym, taken the kids to a "touch a truck" event, attended graduation for my students, and visited with a friend from out of state! :)

    glad you got more on your list checked! and can't wait to hear how things go with heather!!!

  2. I was a "single mom" Saturday and worked all day today so I'm more than ready for this weekend to be over! Work was horrid today, I slipped and burned myself in one swift move, +27 points to me!!

    I'm more than a little jealous that Heather has flown over. I cannot wait to hear all about it, 2 dates over the course of a week- I'm sure your tank will be full!

  3. Every time I see brown leaves, I think of you. How you love them. On my photography blog today, there's a stunning brown leave.
    I love how you always tell us how good God is because He really are. Glad that the issues was raised in the meeting.

  4. Gorgeous photos - looks like a good time was had by all. :-)

  5. It'll all fall into place as it should - God's got this ;)

    Love the photo's as always! Our weekend was good - Cliff and I got away for some Adult time sans Kade. Was lovely to have an afternoon sleep and just reconnect.


  6. Love love love the leaf picture!

    I love how your God showed you He is listening.

  7. Heather is gorgeous! And like Marlene, I cannot look at leaf pics without thinking of you. My weekend was cool. Lots of fun and impromptu and no in-laws.

  8. I was wondering about the title of this post! It made me smile. : )

  9. I was disappointed after I read the post because it had nothing to do with the title! You had us all I am sure. I thought the post was about ...!!! Love the leaves pic and the one of D & the kids. I often take pics of my kids in the leaves! They love playing in the autumn leaves.
    I need a to do list, I feel like time is running away with me and I am not getting anything done! I am going to go onto your organizing blog and print a to do list again!


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