Saturday, May 18, 2013

I have one or two good ideas :)

Books are very special in our house so I wanted to remember their books while still holding true to my values of keeping the place decluttered and organised.

This is one of the latest batches of books we gave away to V's baby. I put them in a heart shape so I can put them in their 3 - 4 year album (now that I started I intend to keep up ;))

Isn't it a good idea?

I pinned it ages ago but that lady did it with all her kids' baby stuff - one day when my photography is super awesome, I may do that with all my kids' things and then I can blow up the pics and put them in a big frame as decoration :)

And then... this set of pics was taken in September last year.

My kids know their letters (all credit to Nanny V) so when we go to a restaurant without a play area, I had over my gel pens and tell them "look for all the Ks or Ms or whatever" on a word search puzzle.

Aren't I a genius?

Keeps them busy forever and it's a game - "yesss Connor, you found 3 Ss" or whatever :)

Of course they don't both listen at the same time... but that's the twin thing, right?

Look at the cute little hands!

What are your good ideas for restaurants?


  1. Ooh...that's a great idea for a word search!!!

    And I love how you take pics before you donate things. Very sweet. :) I may do that with some of the things from my childhood I don't want anymore.

    We just try to talk with the girls when we're in a restaurant. We usually order an appetizer if it's a nicer restaurant that will take a little longer on the food. Until then, we can usually keep everyone engaged by talking about our surroundings...or, if worse comes to worse, we count syllables. ;)

  2. We usually just go to a place with a playground ;-)
    Unless she's extremely hungry there is no way that she'll just sit quietly at the table.

  3. ha! i do the word search game, too. m has been really into coloring lately, so she is easily entertained by that. t? he's hit or miss. he can usually be happy with some jelly to play with. or some sort of game. usually they're just so excited to be eating out that they are pretty good. after swim lessons last week we went out to a new place and got a chips and salsa appetizer. you would have thought we gave them a million dollars! ha!!

    love the pictures. we donate so much stuff and i never thought to take pictures!

  4. What Louisa said. Cameron will sit with us and chat but the other 2 don't sit still so we tend to choose places with a play area.

  5. The wordsearch thing is very clever. We mostly go to places with play areas. Ironically, for Joshua. Joel refuses to step into play areas and quite frankly I don't blame him. I usually take a puzzle with for him - keeps him busy for a long time. Or pen and paper so he can draw. He loves drawing.

  6. So cute, little fingers holding the pen all proper :)

  7. OH! and your books reminds me of this that I pinned that I want to do with Ryan since he's so obsessed with his cars-

    Also another idea for when he outgrows them-

    AND this-

  8. What a GOOD idea! Totally going to do this - even for home, they would love this! We usually go to places with a playground, or we take the art supplies so they can draw. And those nails - too cute!

  9. LOVE the word search idea! We normally go to a place with a playground these days.


  10. This is such an awesome idea for kiddies in a restaurant...will use it when we go out again with our grandies.


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