Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's birthday time and I need your help with the kids' presents

Now that the crazy is kind-of over and the pressure at work has eased just a tad, it's time to ramp up the birthday party prep before the next wave of madness hits.

I really want to get the kids cameras for their birthdays.

This is the one thing I regret not doing in the US.

I stood at that big ToysRUs in Time Square and stared at the cameras for about 10 minutes and then I left.

Why, Marcia, why???

i think I instagrammed this one as "twin romance" :)

Anyway, the point is that now I want them.

The thing is they cost $40 - $60 in the US and a gazillion R here. Like R1200 each ($130) for children's cameras - daylight robbery!!!!

Sadly, I don't know anyone coming over in the next two months. Heather didn't even get a chance to look at my email til the day before she left so that was out too :(

After wasting spending time researching on the internet this evening, I'm briefly considering getting them pink and blue Cybershot-type cameras for adults. I've seen them as low as about R695.

The problem? They don't really look fun enough for kids....

Wait - I've just seen the one I wanted from the US available here.... at over double the price, and only in boring orange.

I've just asked D if R800 is too much to spend on a kid's gift and he said yes :)

I also like this waterproof camera but they only have them in pink. *sigh*

I have about R1000 worth of ebucks so it would be nice

Over to you - where can I get a nice-looking, fun, kid camera for cheaper than R800?
Otherwise, can you think of a better present for my two?

PS I've looked at l.oot and kal.ahari. Do you have other bright ideas?
PPS I found these really nice pics of Thailand and other parts of Asia. So want to jump on a plane and jet off somewhere. And what is life if not to travel? :)


  1. I would have happily given you one of the many children cameras that our kids have accumulated over the years. We've really not been happy with the kids ones - mostly because the quality is super poor compared to what they see me taking with my camera. The pictures are usually tiny and only "good" if taken outside. Even Rue's Innotab2 takes grainy poor quality pictures, even if they are pretty good for a kid camera/video.

    On the other hand, my son has an MP3 player that has a pretty good low end camera in it, that I've actually liked better than the camera's in the toys. He has been using an MP3 player since he was 4 - and picked up how it works pretty quickly - of course he didn't have one with a camera at 4. But it might be another option?

    We have been much happier with adult camera's (cheep end) than the toy ones by a long shot. My sister has gotten several of the more expensive kids ones for her boys ... she complains that they eat batteries and don't take good pictures.

    Another thing we did was give Joel our old cell phone that had a camera. The call out feature is turned off, but he loves taking pictures with it.

  2. Please don't talk about travel at the moment. Mr OL and I were supposed to be going to Czech Republic and a couple of other countries in 4 weeks time for a wedding. But Mr OL's company could not give hime leave. We only found out yesterday so am a bit depressed today.....

  3. Buy em Leappads- at R 1400 you get a camera and video camera in them - plus all the other things it can do. But above all I would rather get them pedal bikes- it is a milestone for 5 years and a huge plus for developmental development. Cameras can come later - they would look better after them later too. And forget tricycles- just get two wheelers with stability wheels

  4. We've been toying with the idea of cameras, too. Our friends M&C have a camera, and it's the very first thing the girls go for when we go to their house. I'm torn over buying the kid-tuff camera, though...the pictures I have seen from their camera aren't anything I'd want to print. My gut is to buy a cheap digital camera for them...but times two, that gets pricey.

    I've also been thinking about binoculars. The girls got a play pair last week, and they've had so much fun. I think they'd love that at the zoo. I haven't checked into it, though...not sure how expensive those are.

    At 4 1/2, our girls are still playing a lot with their kitchen stuff. For Easter I gave them a "pie" set, and they love it. Puzzles and blocks are huge, too, and we've augmented our collection over the past 6 months or so. And magnetic stuff is lots of fun, too. We have foam magnet shapes and some magnetic foam blocks that get a lot of use.

    To Cat's point, we have GOT to get new bikes! The girls outgrew their tricycles over a year ago...yikes! Maybe this weekend???

    Hoping to take a little trip in the next few weeks, before the new house is finished. Just have to talk J into that. ;)

  5. I love the idea of a camera and I intend to get them for the girls. I planned on getting adult cameras. They love my camera, but I can't have grabby hands all over my baby all the time! The kiddie one we purchased for my niece is still ticking 6 years later, but the quality is beyond terrible. If it's taking unprintable pictures, what's the point? They can pretend with a box! I can tell you to absolutely avoid instruments, G has been bringing "a few things" home recently and my ears are bleeding.

    I agree with Cat about the leap. As much as I avoid it, everyone else seems to have one and the ladies are obsessed whenever they get the opportunity. I've let them try my a few times and they love it. They also seem to be relatively gentle so I'm not overly concerned. In fact, I've considered buying them their own to share so I don't have to worry about it being outgrown or one having and one not having in the event of an accident. Yes, shared pain is lessened!

    More importantly, what happened to our babies?!

  6. I'd rather go for a cheapish grown up camera that takes decent photos. Nicola as an Leappad and the camera on there is terrible! I've also been thinking about a bicycle but realistically she doesn't have anywhere to ride it, our road is just too busy and my parents' road is too steep. Last year I asked my folks to go halfway on a trampoline with me and that's getting good use (and hopefully will for many more years) and this year I'm planning to get a bunny and hutch (provided we move into a bigger place that at least has a garden.

  7. I would go for the cybershot. You want decent pics, right? They are going to LOVE it.

  8. We have a kid camera- I think it's Fischer Price- and it sucks. I'd go for the cheaper adult ones, even though they don't seem as fun. The photos will be better- the ones from the kid one are dark and grainy and worthless and I remember it really frustrated the kids that they came out so bad.

    Does Amazon ship to you?

  9. Tertia got her kids a cheap waterproof camera... works fine. I'm not sure they need a kids one actually.


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