Monday, May 20, 2013

{Messy Monday} Baby book project

I must tell you that I wasn't glad to have the books finished as I was glad to have a tidy study again.

Picture it - about 350 pics, 6 albums, post-it notes organising the madness...

Thank God it's done!

Here are a few pics of what it looks like.

Remember my best tip is to let go of your perfectionism.

D and I, the kids and my mother looked through these 6 albums and we all focused on the pics, not how imperfect the photography or the light was, we just remembered the moments.

Have I inspired anyone to print some photos and put them in an album? 


  1. Me! I'm still choosing photos for my summer photo endeavor. And unlike you, I'll probably take ALLLLL summer to get it done!

  2. Those came out great! I like the simple books, without all the pressure to record every last little milestone

  3. Love that you used the PL stuff I sent you :)) I have sort of done this with my scrapbooking but they aren't picture intensive as yours are.

  4. Sighhhh, can't I just send you all my pics and you do mine for me :) you are so good at this, I, on the other hand do not have a creative bone in my body! They look lovely! xx

  5. Of course you have to let go of perfection. Otherwise nothing will ge tdone!

  6. They are gorgeous, I really need to get my finger out my bum and get this sorted out.


  7. They look great Marcia! Well done.

  8. I agree, if everything has to be perfect, nothing would get done at all. Love your photo books.

  9. I love the simplicity of these! And yes, you've inspired me to get some pictures printed and get it DONE.

    (I forget that pretty much everyone else in the world puts the day first when writing a date. At first I was thinking your dates were July 7, 2009-June 6, 2010, and I was wondering why you stopped at 11 months! I'm with you now, though...glad I got that sorted out!!)


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