Monday, May 27, 2013

{Messy Monday} Monogram buttons

Remember this monogram I did with buttons?

The kids were all over that so when I saw some wooden letters at Mr Price Home, I checked if they had both a K and C and bought them.

Mind you, this would make an awesome gift for the 4-year-old set:
  • pack of buttons  R10
  • wooden letter     R15
  • glue                    R10 - R15 (I like the blue Bostik which is on the more expensive side but I know once it's glued, it never comes loose)  

I directed the kids a bit.... I squeezed the glue because I wanted them to do a section at a time, and they arranged their buttons as they wished.

Do you see Kendra's flower right in the middle of her K? That's a flower from a hair grip - I kept it (hoarded) thinking we would use it for something and of course, she was delighted to have it.

They did a great job if I say so myself - the hardest part was leaving them to dry completely.

And this entire process took about 20 minutes, so the perfect attention span for my kids.

Best... I managed to take some cute kids while they were attaching their buttons.

most important part of crafting is TIDYING up :)
Tell me about some cute kid things you've done recently... suitable for indoors. 
PS I can give my kids scissors and paper and they're in cutting heaven. Or I hand them scrap paper with visio drawings and tell them to cut out the shapes :)


  1. These are GORGEOUS. I think I may do something like this with them. We've been doing a lot of drawing and cutting and pasting and WRITING! Child2 should never have shown me what he can do because I'm now insisting he do MORE. Such a Tiger I am.
    I was thinking of trying join-the-dots. Do you remember that? He knows numbers so I thought it could be fun for him. I haven't seen those in AGES though. I wonder if you still get them.

  2. This is an awesome party idea. Lache is looking for an activity for Leane's next party. I will show her this.

  3. I love buttons! I have some stashed away for our big girl room transformation.

    Scissors-the one thing my children aren't proficient in. I just purchased regular, big kid scissors so we'll see if that helps!

  4. Our girls LOVE scissors and tape, too. They will stay busy for ages...although they can consume a roll of tape in minutes, it seems. ;)

    Those letters look great!!! I have seen that idea so many times before, but I never thought about the girls doing it themselves. Love it! And as Lynette says, it would be fun for a party or get-together, too.

  5. These are stunning.

  6. I want some of those wooden letters too!!! How long ago did you buy them? Really only R15? Such a great idea!

  7. I did a similar thing last year with buttons and our initials - I did all our initials on A4 paper though and then framed them - I love how they came out. I used buttons I had from my mom so it cost me almost nothing :)

  8. Those are awesome! Such a great idea :) Um I let Kade help me wash the dishes over the weekend - he LOVED it. (he rinsed the plastic stuff)

    PS - some mosaic grouting on those cut outs would finish them off beautifully in my humble opinion ;)

  9. That is so cute! What a great way to keep them busy. We painted with glitter glue last night - didn't turn out to be much to look at, but it was fun and kept us busy for about the same amount of time.

  10. OhI adore these! Clever you! We have been quiet on the craft front - maybe next weekend. (Even the 8 year olds would love this)

  11. Those came out super cute! I should do a T to add to my T wall :)
    The most recent kid project we did was paint- I haven't done much since.

  12. Sighhh, when I grow up I want to be an awesome crafter like you. These are wonderful!

  13. Those are SO adorable. It's nice when you get kid-made crafts that look pretty enough to put out. :)

  14. These are really cute. I think i may just have to get some more of these letter from Mr P (although I think they were sold out!).

    My olivia loves old photos, scrapping paper and washi tape - she is in complete heaven!


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