Monday, May 06, 2013

{Messy Monday} Stamping up a storm

This is all part of how I get time to do things in the study.

I involve them at the table behind me. When we start, I take a few pics and then I let them loose so I can do my own thing.

It usually involves being on the computer - sorting and editing photos :) I'm prepared to endure the messy for about 20 - 30 minutes of creative time.

My other bit of genius is to go lie and read next to them, or they can come sleep next to me. I enjoy snuggle time plus reading. Double bonus!

Do you have "me time" while your kids are awake? How do you arrange it?


  1. I battle with "me time" while Little OL is awake. I try with colouring or stickers or whatever, but she wants to take mine rather than hers. So if we are drawing, she will try and take my pencil and drawing. She also demands "look at me" so if I am trying to read every time my eyes go down towards my book I am told "look at me" it is a bit of a problem.

    So I tend to only do stuff that we can "share" or do together - like baking. The other stuff I do when Little OL is asleep.

    1. I had to say to my two about the reading... when you become a "big boy/ girl" then you "get" to read without talking, like MUMMY! :)

      I had to start training them otherwise it's way too frustrating!

  2. Oh mine love stamping too. I often let mine loose in the garden - they can spend hours there. The other much beloved one is to put water colour paints outside, some stamps, crayons and stickers and they create on the patio table.

  3. Kade is still a little too small for me to get much time to do me stuff while he's awake - he stays entertained for about 10 mins max then wants me to join him and or entertain him. If I do want me time while he's awake I let Cliff take him to water the garden or something, but one of us needs to be with him... Maybe as he gets older it will be easier for me to get some solid me time while he's awake ;)


  4. Love the little paw print stamp - so cute!

    I also at times try reading while lying next to Nicola... until she starts offering to turn my pages (she's waaay too enthusiastic about it and not necessarily in the right direction), then I know it's time to put the book away.

    My me time usually involves a smoke break...that's about how long I can get to myself at a time. Other than that i have to plan it for times when she's either not home or sleeping.

  5. I love these stamps your children play with. My children loves stamps too but I don't buy them as they get stamps every where :)
    Me time while kids are awake? You know mine is older than yours, so it's easier already. When mine was as old as yours, me and hubby used to take turns.


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