Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Portraits of 4 precious babes

I'm still trying to post some pics from the Superhero Photo lessons. Also, I realised just how annoyingly pedantic I can be about these sorts of things. GAH!

Lesson 3 was portraits - as you know, I'm not much of a fan of the posed portrait with a nice white background where the kid floats in space.

(no offence if that's your thing!)

It's just too "perfect" for me.

I really don't even mind kids not smiling - some of my best pics are the non-smiling ones - but I do like them to at least look at the camera.

I was looking back at all my "faces" pics. I started that project beginning of 2012, did Superhero and have continued it all the way through.

I now have a folder with 75 really nice pics of faces. Isn't that cool?

Just looking through all of those photos, i can see how my photography has improved. It's a good thing to look back now and again, right?

But I thought I'd show you 6 of my very latest pics - these were all taken at the Mothers' Day Tea at the school. My friend, C, and I were again all nostalgic about the fact that this was a MOTHER'S DAY function and we were at it.

Are we the only two who get all soppy?

It was not the best day for photos (for me, anyway) as the sun was out in full force and it was very, very bright. So I'm super happy that I got lots of keepers.

I also got some nice pics of my friend, C, but she's going to be cross with all our "lines" showing so I'll hold those back :) Although you'll remember one of my most favourite pics of all time is this one of her at a party in early December. Of those 75 pics in my folder, about 5 are of her! I honestly think it's because she's comfortable in her skin, and in front of the camera so I've never taken a bad pic of her.

Anyway, enjoy my selection.

one of the teachers - I love the necklace and the thinking going on... :)

now check out that expression!

this one is such a serious little cutie pie

my little K who is not the littlest in her class!!!!! There are 2 kids shorter, possibly 3! :)

I always love the Connor hand pics - eating as usual. I've since discovered that Heather's Tommy eats just like this boy does. First and second breakfasts, two suppers, etc.

Which is your favourite pic?

Next up, the dreaded self-portraits.... although... I've become much better at taking good ones ssof me... if I have lipstick on!
ps I'll have to fix the size of the pics tomorrow. The photos are going pixel-ly when I increase the size!


  1. My favourites the last picture of C and the one of K. So lovely! Portraits can be tricky but if you get it right they produce some of the best pictures

  2. I love the last one of C :)

  3. Ah the K one - it is so dreamy. Love the expression. (I still get teary on occasions like these)

  4. I love the hands one!

  5. Love the light and the expression you captured on the teacher pic, and I love the last one of C. He reminds me so much of D in that picture!

  6. I love the photo of the teacher and wonder what is going through her head....and I love the one of Kendra...such a sweet smile.

  7. Oh that last photo of Connor, that boy can melt a heart with his little grin!

  8. I really like the pic of the teacher. I absolutely HATE posed pics and nothing irritates me more than people asking me to pose and smile. I like to be captured when I'm unaware that I'm being captured.

  9. Love the photo of K!

  10. Love the photo of K!

  11. Love the teacher one - the sun on the side of her hair is lovely.



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