Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Outtakes

Well, we had a very nice weekend.

The babies are at a really cute stage. I don't say this often so you should know it's true.

They're really just being lovely - very sweet to each other, good independent (bad independent was that "I do it myself" stage) and the language is amazing. They're thinking (mostly) logically and are using their words nicely.

Nanny S has the day off tomorrow to attend to personal things so she came in to babysit for a few hours yesterday afternoon while D and I went to see a movie.

I think it's only the second one I've seen this year! (First was the Silver Linings Playbook)

How often do you go to the movies?

Anyway we saw This is 40 which we both enjoyed very much. More drama than I generally like which is not saying much because I like happy, skippy movies, thankyouverymuch.

But more important, it really made us realise some things.

I'm being mysterious because I want you to go watch it and then we can chat. Have you seen it yet? What did you think?


Speaking of sweets, the (new) church ladies gave my kids a lollipop each plus chips plus sweet biscuits so it was "fun" this afternoon with them not sleeping. The lady meant well and I had to assure her that it was "fine" (I arrived to collect them and saw these big lollipops in their mouths. Of course I said, "what is that in your mouths?!" in That Voice) but in future, my kids are Not Allowed any sweets unless I give it to them.

I left them all "sleeping" after lunch today and went to look at getting clothes for the party and pricing party bag stuff (I never give sweets; I have specific things in mind).

When I got back after an hour (nothing bought although I did get a nice new cover for my iphone), the babies were jumping around being naughty and D looked very tired.

So I said, "come! Let's go outside and take pics" -----> this is for the party invite (YESSS, I'm getting organised).

I can't show you the actuals but these were a few after we finished.

And can I just say, this white wall in my garden is So Darn Useful :)

pic by Connor

pic by Kendra
This week I first have a really boring few days - I'm doing a little work on another project, all excel-based which is the type of thing where I want to stab sharp objects into my eyes.

And then.... ta da da dum.... we have an MBTI workshop on Thurs and Fri. I can't wait for that - you know this, of course. We even have homework :) :)

I want to write more but I need to get to bed. However, I will leave you with this - I'm the only E in that whole team.....yes!

So what are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Great photos - yay for that white wall!

    This week...mmm...we still have two stabs at fund-raising this week and on Saturday we start the work. It's going to be great to see it all pull together.

  2. For the first time for a party I am not giving sweets at Jacks :)

    My kids don't have sweets a lot but I can see in Kiara especially when they do - it is MAYHEM!!!

    It's exam week this week :-/ And I am going to see one of the new school possibilities for Kiara and apply for a new ID :)

  3. I don't go to movies much (ever) the last time I went was before I was married and we have been married for 6 years this year.....
    I did not do sweets at Little OL's first birthday party, but did for the last two. I always have healthier options available as well though, like fruits and youghurts, cream cheeses etc for the kids to eat. Little OL will generally go for those if she has a choice.

    Love the photos.

  4. The last movie we watched was Skyfall. (must make plan to get to movies)

    I am thinking of not doing sweets for K's party packs this year too.


  5. I think I have been to the movies more times this year than I’ve been in a few years. I may have gone about 7 times already – I think it’s only because the Oscar movie selection was really good for a change. I’m planning to go next weekend again. I was going to watch The Great Gatsby but maybe I’ll consider your suggestion.

    I am looking forward to Friday because it’s the end of Child1’s exams and the end of Child2’s observation – in other words, we can go back to normal and I can use the weekend to relax and do nothing except clean the house and read and catch up on some long overdue knitting.

  6. My hubby is not a movie lover. He indulges me from timeto time. The last time we saw a movie was Skyfall.

    Super cute photos....I think I need a white wall:-)

  7. I don't think I will enjoy the movie as much as you and D perhaps as I am far from 40 ;) Perhaps my D will enjoy it.
    Glad you find your kids at such a cool age at the moment :) I love mine as well now.

  8. Just love the pic of the 3 of you! I need some pics of me and my kids, I never get them but I need to be more bossy with my camera (like you M!). We never go to movies anymore, very sad!

  9. I don't like to give sweets either for party favors. And when everyone sends in candy for holidays at school, I tend to send in holiday-themed pencils or something else useful.


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