Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Talk on Tuesday

So I was looking through all my drafts, deleting and so on because I always aim to keep the drafts current.

Doesn't always work though but this month I'm determined to post them all.

Anyway, these are conversations from the kids ranging from last May (!)

1 March 2013

K: Daddy!!!!!

(D was washing the shavathon colour from his hair)

Me: What's wrong, Kendra?

K: When I say "Connor!" he's not saying, "yes, Kendra"

This is from me - I really hate being ignored (hello, Twitter issues) so I insist that the kids say, "yes, Mummy" if I call them.


May last year

Connor was climbing high up the security/ burglar bars on the windows.

Me Connor, do you want to give me a heart attack?

Connor (laughing) yes!


We have a set of plastic plates - blue, teal, pink, orange, yellow and green, and matching bowls.

As you know we don't have a dishwasher so by Saturday lunch/ snack in the afternoon, there are only two left, usually the yellow and green.

As I took the two plates out...

Kendra I don't want that yellow plate.

Connor I also don't want it.

Me So what do you want me to do? Must I throw it away?

Kendra You can. Nobody likes that plate.

Connor  Kendra... throw it away!

I was in the bedroom getting ready when there was a knock at the door.

Me who's that?
K    Kendra
Me    do you want to come inside?
K    Yes
Me okay Baby, open the door
K    I can't! I'm too small!

The kids are actually going through a really cute stage at the moment. They love each other so much and if one cries, the other one says, "okay my darling, it's okay" :) It's so funny to hear adult-speak from these babies!

What are some cute things your kids have said recently?

PS Exactly two months til the babies turn 4!


  1. Somehow I didn't realize your kids are just a few months older than my daughter! 3 is a hilarious age. (Also very trying, but I guess it's a trade-off.)

  2. Every single one is so very cute!
    Last nigth A asked me if its good to be a mommy - I said yes, becasue I love them so much and they make me laugh and so very proud. But sometiems no, when they do not listen to me. She was having a particularly hard time doing homework late after a netball tournament. She then said that she does not think she wants to be a mommy. C was sitting at the table colouring in his homework and promptly said that she then would not go to heaven (no idea where that came from) She IMMEDIATELY burst out in tears and then stopped just as sudden and said ;" But C you know there is only one way to get to heaven and that is by giving your heart to Jesus" He chewed on the back of his pencil and suddenly shouted: "Oh yes! Now I remember"

  3. Hahaha love them all.

    Kade was telling me this morning "nappy dog bowl not dumpstin..." I didn't get it until Cliff told me that Kade threw his nappy into the dog bowl instead of the dustbin ;) Kade thought it was hilarious... I LOVE how he says dumpstin instead of dustbin!


  4. That is really cute! Hahaha @ the throw it away, nobody likes that plate.

  5. Lol...I love the "he's not saying, 'Yes, Kendra?'" Too cute! : )

    My girls are in the stage of wanting to tell each other what to do. I will hear (usually M) saying, "Don't talk right now" over and over. Finally A will get fed up and yell for me. I say, "She's not the boss of you. You can talk if you want." It's a near-daily thing around here.

  6. Haha! out of the mouths of babes.. I love it when Hannah says "yes, my boy?" when Liam calls her. Or he says "hello sussie!" (our helper calls them sussie and boetie). LOVE!

  7. oh I must say that we are having a little problem with Liam trying to correct EVERYONE - even adults or he wants to correct people who are in conversations which he isn't even a part of. Quite embarrassing and RUDE for a little boy to tell big people how to speak, so I've needed to curb that a bit!


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