Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The dreaded self-portrait... not so dreaded anymore

Last year I really battled with The Self-Portrait.

Do you remember how I had to get silly to actually get a few pics I liked?

These days I'm obviously most happy with my feet shots :) but let's face it, those are easy. And it's easy to get gorgeous pics. Two secs to compose the pic and gorgeousness!

one of my favourites captured recently with my iphone - I can't stop taking pics of leaves, people!
I've also tried to get interesting shadow pics...

Connor and me at the gym - cute, hey?

Because these arm-outstretched-in-the-front just get boring after awhile. Although I must say, I still take most of the pics of me and the kids like this.

Ballito.... oh how I miss you :)

I feel like there's a measure of control to the shot rather than depending on an unrealiable timer. This is obviously one of the nicest self-portraits of me and the kids....

and an imperfect pic with the iphone in bad light

I've also grown to love hand shots. Best I start putting cream on my hands - they say you can always tell a woman's age by how her hands look!
tanned hands in Ballito
one of the first 10 pics with the 50 mm lens, and one of my favourites

 and then there's this one of the cucumbers that you all loved, taken in bad light, nogal :)

I've not mastered the timer pics AT all so I have no cool Superhero pics of me jumping, despite me desperately wanting a cool jump pic. I blame it on my bad reflexes!

But I have stepped out of my box more with these sorts of pics - the slightly interesting, off-camera pics.

This one is my favourite favourite! Taken on Easter Sunday.

I have another batch to look through from last weekend - I was playing with self-portraits because the light was just GORGEOUSSSSSSSS in the study so I was snapping away. (527 pics is what I started with, not all of me - I'm not that vain!!!) And of course, dragged the kids in away from Lego to take pics with me.

Look out for those in a few weeks' time.

So tell me, which is your favourite?
Can I dare you to put a self portrait of your face on your blog? Who's up for the challenge?


  1. Love love love self portraits. My favourites - the sephia picture of you and K- stunning and the shadow picture. Love them all.

    I'll post some self portraits

  2. LOL I think you need to invest in a remote trigger ;) that'll make you life easier

  3. I just posted a rare shot of me (and the twins) from this weekend on the blog- Aaron took it. I generally don't like photos of me, in my head I'm still thin like in high school and college, but then in photos and mirrors I realize just how much weight I've gained :(

  4. I still loathe selfies,but I'm always up for a challenge!
    I just love that picture of you and K so much. Everything is perfect, right down to the highlights in your eyes.

  5. Oh gosh I love the sepia one with Connor (saw it before?) and the second from the bottom. I am unashamedly uncomfortable with self portraits.

    I really need to get myself out of that issue - I am totally ok with feet, hands, shadows but not face

  6. I love taking selfies! Will most def take you up on this challenge ;)


  7. love the sepia one and the cucumber one (although that one doesn't count).

    i am SO close to coming out of the blogging closet. maybe one day soon.

    (although i did post a picture of my leg and arm today!) :) ha!

    on one other side note: i'm short with short arms. so selfies don't come easily for me!!! :)

  8. Love the 2nd last one. It's gorgeous. I like the self portrait when it's not 'in your face' portrait.

    I also love the one of you holding your specs. LOVE.

    And yes, a remote does make things easier!

  9. I love the black and white one of you and Kendra. I suck at self portraits.

  10. My favourites are the one with you and Kendra and the one where your holding the glasses.


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