Sunday, May 26, 2013

The pink shoes

I had a pair of red suede shoes ages ago.

When I was at university actually.

I loved those red shoes. It had navy blue trim so was perfect to wear with blue jeans.
I remember walking around Grahamstown (Rhodes) with those shoes - they were very special to me.

When I moved up to Jhb my mother posted me a box of stuff I left behind and the red shoes were in this box.

Can you guess what happened?

Yes, the box never arrived.

This was a good 20 years ago when the post office was even more terrible than it is now so even though the box was insured, etc. there just was no resolution to the "case".

And really, since that day I've been on the lookout for another pair of red suede shoes.

However, on Friday night I went to return a TON of clothes to Pick and Pay. D sees things, buys and then when I tell him to return them because we already have whatever, he can't be bothered, the things lose value when the seasons change and so on.....

So I wanted to return all the stuff while I could still get a refund at the correct price.

I went looking at the shoes and saw PINK suede ankle shoes.

They looked nice so I took them.

To be honest, I thought they might make pretty pictures when I take pics of my feet!!!!

(I was right)

But these shoes are so comfortable - I love them.

They might just be my replacement red suede shoes.

However, if you see some red suede shoes somewhere in a size 3, tell me - I would love to get them!

Do you have an item of clothing that's special to you like my red shoes?

PS story of the leaves to follow - it was GREAT!


  1. Nice :) I bought myself my red suede shoes at Woolies a few weeks ago.

  2. love!! :) i actually got a pair of pink suede shoes for my birthday over 10 years ago. i LOVE them so much that i take excellent care of them and still wear them every year! they look like this (kind of):


  3. I still remember my first pair of cool athletic shoes...Asics. I wore them through high school and a bit in college. They were so worn, though...they literally had a hole in the toe and the sole was coming off. HA! I then relegated them to be worn only when I was home on break, so I could "save" a bit of them for "special" occasions. (I probably looked close to homeless, actually!) I finally had to throw them away when I was in my mid-20's. :(

    I have attachments to shoes sometimes. When they get absolutely too worn / broken, I have J throw them away. I can't bear to be the one to put them in the trash. ;) I always tell him, throw these away and don't let me see. HA!

    I finally just got rid of my red "bowling shoes" (awesome Steve Maddens that I bought in 2002). I wore them a lot when I was prego...they were the shoes I wore to the hospital when the girls were born! They were literally falling apart, though, and had to go. I couldn't stand to look at them in the trash, though! They will always hold a special place in my heart. ;)

  4. P.S. I love all the BRIGHTLY colored athletic shoes that are out fun! I might have to treat myself to a pair at some point. ;)

  5. I'm still trying to get over size 3!

    Very pretty Marcia.

  6. Oh they are stunning! Love them. I totally adore coloured shoes.

    My denim jacket is a years long staple

  7. I still love how those shoes bring out the purples in the leaves...


  8. Snort. Am I allowed to say crocs? They are sooooooo comfortable!
    I like your pink shoes and I think I saw a red pair of suede shoes at Woollies a few weeks ago. They were pumps and I don't do pumps. My leather jacket is an item like the one you describe. IT was a gift on my 21st birthday and I STILL wear it all these years later. It still looks STUNNING.

  9. I love the look of those cool shoes. The oldest item in my cupboard is my denim jacket, I just can't toss it.


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