Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The twins 4th party - part 2

Updates on the introvert/ party planning thing:

Well, I asked her exactly what was the problem and she told me she doesn't want to talk to lots of people (!) which I get because people go all happy and in-your-face (I'm one of them) and it can be overwhelming for a nearly 4-year-old little girl.

So I told her, "okay Baby, you know it's good manners to say hello nicely but then you don't have to talk to lots of people if you don't want to" and she was happy with that.

I told D to not bring it up again in case she changes her mind :) :) The party venue is huge and spread out so she could happily play with just a few kids for the entire time.


 So, time for proper party planning!
  1. I have had the theme for about two years and spent a good two hours Pinteresting (the new word for googling) the other night getting further ideas. I even have a secret party board :)
  2. Party printables were bought in Jan... (I know, I'm an eager beaver!)
  3. My personal trainer is as into this as I am and told me last week where I could get stuff for the party - I love it!!!
  4. A blog friend guessed the theme and also sent me some lovely idea pics but those are maybe too Martha Stewart for me ;)
  5. I've decided I'm going to discuss with D where we could use help (always with the cake!) and see if the in-laws want to participate


Last year I had their party in the morning.

Pros - over by lunch so place was cleaned pronto and the weekend still stretched ahead of us; 98% of the kids were still in good moods so very little tantruming
Cons - rush to get ready, it is winter and was FREEZING (seriously - I think the high was 10 degrees that day), light was terrible and my pics were horrible!

I'm debating whether to do a 9 - 12 pm or a 2 - 5 pm party this year.

Actually, I may just have talked myself into a warmer 2 - 5 pm party because seriously, it was COLD.

But what do you think, morning or afternoon party and why?

PS lovely hello stamp from Jayme. I screamed when I got a package from her. More in another post!
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  1. If you do 9-12 then your food needs to be more snacky for the adults, where in the afternoon sweeter food works better.
    I normally have a party over lunch (and serve wors rolls etc) or in the afternoon... but that's because I always end up having to do last minute organisation things on the day of the party

  2. I have that stamp...I think I sent you a card using it! :) :)

    We had a morning party this year, and it was great. It was not at home, so I didn't have much to do to get ready. Actually I was able to set up at the location the night before, after the girls were in bed, so it was perfect. I like the morning time slot, as we're still napping, and that gets super tricky for me in the afternoons...even if the time slot if after nap time, if the girls haven't napped, it can be sticky.

    I'm glad you're having so much fun (as always!) with the party stuff. Squee!!!

  3. I like a morning party for the exact reasons you mentioned!

  4. I have always done afternoon parties - we often braai afterwards with a few people for dinner so it works for us.

    And both boys have their birthdays in June so its warmer over lunch time

  5. I do afternoon party's cos then Kade has had his nap and it works better for us. He's also a winter baby and a morning party would be WAY TOO COLD.


  6. We always do mornings, but Nicola is in December so it's already quite warm by 10:00. Plus then people can work around it if their sprouts still do nap-times (*sigh* I really miss afternoon naps).

  7. I always do afternoons. We aren't morning people here. This year is the first party I'm throwing for the twins since their 1st, which we held in NY since that's where family mostly is. I've been meaning to blog about my prep too :)

  8. I always do afternoons, but might change that in the future if I use a venue.

    I normally have last minute things I want to do (like ice the cake....) and so do that in the morning. Also prepare the adults food etc.

  9. I normally do 11 - 1 and offer a lunch of sorts for the kids, and do eats for the parents. that way you've got morning to sort and it's nice to offer real food at parties (so few do).

    LOOOOOVE the hello stamp! green with jealousy :)


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