Thursday, May 09, 2013

There are two types of people in this world

one of my most favourite self-portraits and... in this pic I'm wearing #greyformissy
Those who strip off their clothes and walk around in locker rooms au natural, and those that don't.

I'm in the second bunch.

I used to feel a bit of shame about this like maybe I wasn't totally at ease with my body, blah blah blah, but now I don't care.

This is me and I just don't like it.

Since I'm working in town, I've been trying to fit in two gym sessions during the week, and someone suggested going during lunch.

Not going to happen.

It takes me sweet forever to get undressed because of this privacy thing I have, and then sweet forever to get undressed, showered and dressed again. So

So where that first group takes 20 minutes to get ready for work again, I take an hour :) Plus the hour of gym.


Same thing in the ladies' changing areas at Virgin Active.

I sometimes flinch when I casually walk in and see all manner of bodies being paraded.

I know some of you have no issues after infertility had us all prodded and poked, but I still do. In those days, I always had the sheet protecting my "modesty".

But enough about me - which type of person are you? Type 1 or Type 2?

PS My blog friend, Sarah's sister died from brain cancer earlier this year. This month is Brain Cancer Awareness Month so I'm wearing grey as much as I can to support her. Good thing I have 3 grey bags :)


  1. Difficult to say. I'm not a prude at all and I do like my body. But I don't do that gym thing of walking around naked either. I couldn't possibly do gym during lunch. Would be too much of a rush for me!

  2. Hmm I definitely don't parade around naked... but I did used to change quickly just to get it over and done with (when I went to gyn)
    Oh and I'm just thinking what strange google searches you're going to get linking to your blog now... so many naked words in this post ;)

  3. Lesley11:55 pm

    I'm definitely a type 2 person. I find it amazing that people walk around like that, i think it's great that people feel free enough to do it, but its not for me either.
    I'd be the person waiting for a cubical, or struggling to hold a towel in place with my teeth while pulling my knickers up - crazy!

  4. I'm laughing at Jeanette's comment about blog searches! Probably true! Hahaha!

    I guess I've never been in many semi-public changing situations, but I generally don't worry about it as long as I'm among women. It's been ages ago now, but when I used to travel and occasionally had to share a room (usually on a girls' weekend or something), I had no problem changing in front of someone. I don't parade all...but I don't hide in the bathroom to change my socks, either. ;)

    LOVE that necklace!!! And I was just thinking about you today, in relation to necklaces. Remember my friend E, with the bead store in town? She's closing her doors this weekend...I'm SO sad! I took the girls there for the first (and now only) time this afternoon, and they had a BLAST! We are having a MoMs Night Out there tomorrow night...I went ahead and picked out my beads today...I'm going to make a necklace for my great aunt. :) E will continue to do jewelry...mostly craft shows...and she'll be teaching some classes at different venues. Still, it hurts my heart to know she won't be there in her shop. :(

  5. Naked in public, I can't say that I've had the opportunity since high school. The whole IF business I lost my modesty so it doesn't bother me. Although I have to say that changing wouldn't bother me nearly as much as my feet, and anything else, touching the dirty, germy floors. ICK! I couldn't shower there, or even take off my socks! I would be high-tailing it home for a shower!

    Now naked at home? ALL. THE. TIME.

    Are you naked at home?

    I can strut through the house without a stitch on, much to the Mr's chagrin. He's so worried that the neighbors will see, ha! That's what they get to snooping!! :)

  6. I'm pretty discreet in the gym locker room, but not in a way that takes *extra* time. Ours has individual showers, which is nice.

    I found it's much faster to shower with my 3yo, so I'm not shy about being naked in front of her, though I don't walk around the whole house naked either ;)

    1. Re: going to the gym midday, though, I feel like it takes twice as long to get changed, and then get ready for work *again*. Which is why I prefer morning or night - only one "getting ready" round.

  7. I am also chucking about Jeannette's comment as it was my first thought to.
    I don't have a problem with quickly stripping off at gym and getting changed. However I am not comfortable walking around or talking to anybody while doing it. It is probably about the quickest change ever. If I need to walk to the showers or somehting then a towel is firmly wrapped around me.
    I lived in Sweden for a while and at the gym I went to there even the showers where just one big open area, not divided off like here. I got over the whole naked in public thing (woman only) as i really need to shower before I left. You can't go out in the freezing -32 degree weather while still sweaty.

  8. I really have no problem undressing at the VA dressing rooms, but I do it so fast and effectively - I first unpack everything , have it very close at hand and then undress.

    3 grey bags! Wow! I am totally surprised with that one

  9. I've never enjoyed this even at made gym classes a real challenge!

  10. I don't change in front of people, I use the locker rooms at he gym. Always hated being naked around other, even at school. I hated PE and swimming because of that.

  11. I'm like you. When I have sessions with my trainer every 6 weeks from 06h00-07h00, I can shower and get dressed at gym and still be at work by 07h30 but I just can't get myself to be naked around others. - There is a reason for that but very few know that reason.
    I rather get to work at 07h45 by going back to home, shower and then go to work than getting naked at the gym.

  12. I have no problem with nakedness at home. We all parade around starkers, bath together, etc. But i don't like getting naked anywhere else! Long story short, my boobs are so obviously lopsided that I hated changing infront of any one during PE at school. And I think this was my start of covering up in public change rooms! lol! Now, I don't have any issues necessarily with my naked form, but I still don't feel OK with flaunting it in front of people and I most definitely do not like other people flaunting their nakedness in front of me!! Can't even stand going to a bridal shower and they've hired a stripper. GROSS and no THANKS!!


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