Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} Autumn walk

This particular day it was FREEZING and very close to sunset but I'd promised the kids a walk so off we went.

I do love that going for a walk with me is a treat and I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can. And that it requires almost no effort other than going for a pee before we set off.

The kids always collect branches, pods, stones, leaves, etc. on the way but since I don't allow those things in my house, my top step always looks like someone's building a shrine :)

I only went out with the 50 mm lens so that's why there's some blur in the pics :( This is my attempt to break loose and trying new things, making mistakes, and so on.....)

spot the moon

How often do you go for walks with your kids?


  1. they are beautiful and growing up so fast!

  2. Oh my goodness Kendra looks so grown up with her hair in a headband! I can't stand it!

  3. Oh we love to walk. But it's not blur - its lovely shallow field of depth. Love the B&W with you and Kendra - such a stunning shot.

  4. I agree. As a parent one should enjoy things like these while you can because children change and might not want to do it in the future :(
    We go for weekend walks every weekend. It's a treat (don't know if it's more a treat for me than for the children ;) )

  5. You could never do a "wordless" post :-)

    I love the shots you took with your nifty fifty...and I love the effect you got.

  6. I walk with Little OL but not regularly. Sometimes after I have been for a run on the weekend she will want to join me, so she puts on some takkies and we go for a run (walk) around the block. I love it.

  7. You're framing the picture of you and K right? It's amazing!

    As for walks, we go everyday at least once. The treasures they haul are sometimes amazing.

  8. Never! I don't walk - because of my hip issues it's not comfortable to walk for long - it is loads better now but it became a thing they did with David and the dog - so they all go once a weekend around the neighbourhood :)

  9. We go for walks all the time...several times a week, as long as the weather permits. Our typical loop is about 2 miles. I love the exercise! The girls enjoy it, but often they'd rather just play outside if given the choice. I usually bribe them a bit..."if we walk nicely, we can play outside when we get home." ;) We know all the dogs and cats within a several-block radius...not necessarily by name, but we know whom to look for. The girls get so excited to see their furry neighbors.

    Love your self-portrait with K!

  10. We used to go walking often but haven't done it for ages. I tried a beach walk with them last month but they couldn't cope and HAD to take off their clothes to take a dip in the sea. Must make walking a priority again. Kendra's hair is growing so nicely. I love the B&W one with you and her.

  11. cute!

    We usually go for at least one nice long walk over weekends.

  12. When we walk it's normally with Kade in his jogger cos where our current house is people drive like a-holes and he's a little too small still to understand 'road safety'. When we move to our new house we'll be doing a lot more walking with him out the jogger (controlled safe area)

    LOVE the b&w of you and K. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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